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Latesha Houston is an Australian artist spreading light to the world through the canvas

Known as the Colorful Nature Artist, Latesha aims to uplift, bring joy and inspire others to open their imagination through her artwork. Her art is sometimes whimsical, always bright and often with a spiritual message...

Breakaway Daily Achievement in Art Award Recipient: John Nieto

John Nieto, American contemporary artist, is influenced by bright and bold Southwestern colors and Fauvism, a Post-Impressionism movement led by Matisse. “I’m in a trance when I paint. It’s like being a drummer—you don’t look...

Art in motion

Art in motion GIF of the process of my Jelonek’s latest work.

The First Day of Autumn

The First Day of Autumn

Breakaway Daily interview:  Army veteran and digital abstract artist Mark Humes hopes to inspire...

Prolific artist and author Mark Humes is the founder of the new art movement known as millennium creed. It is a new era in art where digital meets old traditions. Mark has exhibited at the...

Joshua Ferdinand merges Lonac’s “HeartBeats” with Damian Marley’s “Road To Zion” as tribute to...

British artist Joshua Ferdinand incorporates both the street art of Lonac with the music of Damian Marley into a video clip in a recent Instagram posting. The post describes his feeling towards the recent Orlando...

MOOve over April! It’s May!

MOOve over April! It’s May!  

Misty Copeland recreates Edgar Degas’ most iconic ballet art

Dancer Misty Copeland channels the most iconic paintings and sculptures from French impressionist artist Edgar Degas.

Pigeons Painted As Oversized Murals on Buildings By Dutch Street Artist

Dutch street artist Stefan Thelen, commonly known under the alias Super A, is transforming urban walls into an art exhibition for realistic towering images of beautiful pigeons. In the hands of the artist the...
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