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Breakaway Daily interview with Boston indie musician Danny Baxley

Danny Baxley is a 28 year old indie musician in the Boston area. Deeply passionate about music and spreading a variety of sounds in each and every one of his songs, Danny never believed...

Breakaway Daily Interview with James Moore, CEO of Independent Music Promotions & author “Your Band Is...

James Moore is a leader in the music promotion industry. His work has been spread by majors like CDBaby, Reverbnation, Buzzsonic and The Lefsetz Letter. He is also an accomplished musician himself, performing in...

Breakaway Daily Interview with Virtual Group Vortex Ascent

An international group using the powers of the internet to create and distribute their music.  Vortex Ascent is an award-winning, experimental, international musical collective. While most of the band live in and around London, some members live...
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