Adventure awaits around every corner in Wonder Wally app game

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There is never a shortage of obstacles to overcome in Wonder Wally, available for your Android or iOS. Move through one plain of mystery only to come upon another. You run, you jump, you swing. This is Wonder Wally, the next great adventure game, set against the finest natural wonders of the world. A fun, surreal game based in a very real world, this game will transport you to all of the lands of your dreams, sending you to the darkest depths of with Nature is capable and bringing you back only to send you out again. Wonder Wally will have you glued to your screen and hoping that there is more to come, and given the length of the game, there almost always is.

Wally, for whom you can buy clothes and dress along the way, will visit such world-famous locales as Roraima (a rock formation in South America), the Grand Canyon, and the Far North, where you’ll see Aurora Borealis. Dangerous, thrilling, and always unique, this game of obstacles and adventures is founded on logic and cradled in wonder, with rotten trees and shooting stars sharing the stage just as they do here on our planet.

Wonder Wally is the next big thing for adrenaline junkie gamers everywhere. Download now from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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