All the Right Reasons You Should Check Out “All The Wrong Reasons”

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Finding out who you really are is not easy, even when you wear a name tag all day long.


The smart East Coast flick All The Wrong Reasons follows four co-workers at a big box department store who are all struggling to connect and come to terms with their lives. The film features strong performances by a talented Canadian ensemble cast including Cory Monteith, Karine Vanasse, Kevin Zegers, and Emily Hampshire. 


We all know the feeling of shopping in those big box stores, under florescent lights and stuck in-between endless isles of merchandise. For those of us living in Canada, that big box store in the movie will look familiar. It is Zellers, and at the time the film was shot it was closing nationwide. So it is neat to see it in this film, immortalized forever, and it proved to be an ideal location to set a domestic drama. “All the Wrong Reasons” is also a goodbye of sorts for fans of Victoria-raised Cory Monteith. It’s one of the late “Glee” star’s final two films.


Filmed in Halifax (including overnight at Zellers) All The Wrong Reasons is the feature debut from award-winning writer/director and Fredericton-born Gia Milani. The acclaimed film also scooped the 2013 Grolsch Film Works Discovery Prize at Tiff in 2013, which honours an emerging filmmaker. I can’t see what Milani will do next! 

Synopsis: Since witnessing her sister’s suicide a year earlier, Kate (played by the Luminous Québécoise actress Karine Vanasse) has managed to keep herself isolated, even at work, where she supervises the surveillance feeds. Her husband James (Cory Monteith), the Store Manager, does his best to help Kate overcome her post traumatic stress disorder, but she shrinks from his touch. Missing intimacy, James becomes close with Nicole (Emily Hampshire), a young Cashier who’s a single mother. When a new Security Guard (Kevin Zegers, The Mortal Instruments) is hired, Kate slowly warms to him, recognizing a fellow wounded spirit. His presence shakes up the whole store, for all the wrong reasons.


“All The Wrong Reasons” is a stellar debut from Milani. She uses real locations, natural lighting, and real human emotions of everyday characters to keep the film grounded and familiar. It intelligently looks at the ways in which ordinary people deal with trauma, adversity, power, and the need for human connection. Moments of humor are interwoven brilliantly into this highly relatable film now available on DVD and digital.  


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