Benefits of an indoor water fountain

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An indoor water fountain can be an excellent addition to both your office and home. Although the idea of dripping water in your house may send chills down your spine, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Discussed below are some of the reasons, and benefits of adding an indoor fountain in your room/office.

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1. It’s Appealing
Having a water fountain in one corner of the office/room is an excellent way to give it an aesthetic boost. Although simple, an indoor water fountain can transform an otherwise dull room to a lively one.

2. It’s Calming
The sound of running water is not only soothing but relaxing to the ears. This is one of the reasons you feel relaxed when on the beach or at a waterfall. The background sounds of running water can have a soothing effect on your brain especially when busy at work.

3. Improves Indoor Air Quality

Indoor water fountains such as these from indoor fountain pros act as air purifiers. The fountain produces tasteless and odorless negative ions that help cleanse the air around. In addition to this, these ions have anti-depressant and mood boosting effects hence good for those in stressful work conditions. Research also shows that the negative ions produced by water fountains reduce the risk of airborne germs. Adding an indoor water fountain in your office or living room can therefore help protect you and your loved ones from airborne infections.

4. It’s a Natural Humidifier
Winter is mostly characterized by dry indoor air. Dry air causes skin and eye irritation due to the dryness, which is one of the reasons many people invest in a humidifier. Having an indoor water fountain in the room can however eliminate the need for a humidifier. The running water releases droplets of the same in the air, thus acting as a natural humidifier.

If you have been looking for a practical feature to add to your office or living room, a water fountain may do the trick. You will be surprised how beneficial this feature is to your health and the house as well.

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  1. I love that you pointed out how a water feature inside will make any area or room look lively even if it is just a simple one. I will definitely have one installed in my living room because of that. We’ve been here in this house since last year, and I have been thinking about what to do with the space in the corner of the living room since it is quite unappealing. This tip might solve this problem of mine since last year.

  2. That is really nice that indoor water fountains act as air purifiers. That is something I would want to have in my home to have better air quality. Maybe it would be good to get a standing water fountain put inside my home sometime soon.

  3. It’s interesting to know that getting a water fountain is a humidifier because it releases droplets of water in the air. This is great to know because I just moved from a very humid climate to a dry one. My skin and hair are not taking this well. I am going to look into finding a tabletop fountain to help make my house a little moister.

  4. I agree that the sound of running water is really soothing and relaxing. When I lived close to a river, I always preferred doing my work by the banks. Maybe I should get both an indoor fountain and a cascading fountain for my yard.

  5. I like your comment about even though a fountain can be transformed an otherwise dull room into a lively one. My sister is thinking about getting a fountain for her backyard. Even though this article is about an indoor fountain, I think it is the same idea for a backyard, and it would make her happy to get a nice fountain.

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