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I had the opportunity to speak with American Idol Alumni Corey Clark about his new music, his entertainment company and his Crowd Funding Project that fans can be a part of.


Recently voted Best Male R&B Vocalist in Music City U.S.A. (Nashville Tennessee) Corey Clark is best known for being a standout finalist on the 2nd season of the mega-hit Fox TV series American Idol. Legendary Motown producer Lamont Dozier called him “a new and rising Smokey Robinson,” & Gladys Knight described his voice as “absolutely wonderful.” Corey, whose high tenor has often been compared to a young Michael Jackson, got his start at age 12, singing with his parents as back-up for Barry Manilow in Las Vegas. Inspired by that, he formed a singing group called Envy & was its front man for eight years. The group included Pre-Grammy winning artist Ne-Yo. Corey is an avid songwriter & has been officially certified as a Gold Recording artist by the R.I.A.A. 

Breakaway Daily: You are in the midst of recording your sophomore album, why did you feel that now was the time to record and release your new material?

COREY: I’ve never stopped recording new material.  In fact I believe that’s what’s continued to keep me sane throughout all of the very public adversity I’ve been facing throughout the last decade.  I have not officially begun to record my Sophmore album yet there are still a few hurdles to jump over before that process begins, but I am getting more excited as the date approaches.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Was there specific music or other artists you have been listening to that had an impact on this new record?

I’d say that other artists have impacted the record in the manner of which I’ve insured that I’ve carved out my own sound.  Something unique and refreshing and innovative that is unlike any contemporaneous sound of another artist in my particular Genre. I’m mastering the art of blending what I enjoy about Classic R&B as a consumer and as an artist, and bridging that with a new take on todays contemporary sound.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: What can fans expect from your new album? How do you think it will be different from your 2005 album?

COREY: Fans can expect growth from me on this album both as an artist and as a man.  Most importantly as a human being who just like other human beings, faces trials and tribulations, diversity and hardships.  I then find the most creative way to relay those feelings through my craft.  Hopefully there’s a bleeding heart out there who hears me, or who needs to know there’s someone out there like them that they can connect with….or maybe that’s why I’m doing it because I hope there’s someone out there who hears me who knows.  But I don’t let the enigma of that keep me from behind the microphone.  Besides the direction of the record and the sound, the only thing different will be that this record will be better than that record. And that’s tough to say because my first record was a good record.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: You have said that this album is going to be the forefront of a new musical genre which you are calling Star&B – can you explain this new genre and why you wanted to give it a specific name?

COREY: Really there’s nothing new under the sun.  So I simply got creative and tried to do just that, create something new under the sun.  I’m not certain if I was completely successful or not only the final results will reveal that.  However, imagine R&B music of the future, something you can listen to while interplanetary traveling amongst the stars and cosmos..and I believe that’s probably the closest verbal explanation I can possibly give to it.  It’s definitively unique in sound most certainly.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Why did you want to start your own label CDC Music, LLC?

COREY: That’s simple.  I started my own entertainment company to do one thing.  Establish and build my brand.  I want to have control of my career, my life, my royalties and my rights.  You to often hear of the artists consumed by the proverbial bad record deals and management contracts etc etc.  Honestly I’ve been through my share of those as well.  Luckily at a very early age so I learned hard lessons very early on in life.  The bottom line is nobody owns Corey Clark accept for Corey Clark.  I’m having a little trouble with some folks who THINK they own Corey Clark right now, but I’m allowing my legal team to handle those issues for me so I can focus on doing what I do best which is making music.


BREAKAWAY DAILY: Can you tell us about your Crowd Funding Project through where fans can help you reach your recording goal by being a “Fanvestor?”

COREY: Yes absolutely.

YMC is a Record Label with a platform similar to Indiegogo and Kickstarter where crowdfunding is utilized for seed money to fund a project.  In this case my recording budget, which is $65,000.  Unlike Indiegogo or Kickstarter however, with YMC, if you invest seed money into my recording budget you’ll receive a return for your investment.  THAT’S RIGHT, YOU WILL EARN LIFE TIME RESIDUAL INCOME ALONG WITH YMC, MYSELF AND THE PRODUCERS OF THE ALBUM, if you invest at least $10 into my recording budget to purchase 1 single share.  Each share you buy earns you a greater percentage of the royalty pie.

50% of the royalty pie goes to YMC, 25% of the royalty pie goes to the producers of the album and myself and the remaining 25% of the Royalty pie goes to and is split up between the pool of fanvestors who invested into my recording budget.

In other words when I sell 500,000 again, 25% or $1.25 million dollars will be split between the pool of fanvestors.  So it makes a lot of sense to invest in the recording budget.

If I meet the recording budget goal of $65,000, I utilize that money to record, pay for producers, pay for studio time and musicians and mix and master the album.  The company then takes their own money in a separate budget to market, promote, and distribute the record world wide.

When Fanvestors open a free account on YMC’S website and then invest a minimum of $10 into my recording budget, they sign an agreement directly with YMC guaranteeing their share and percentage of the Fanvestor pool.
If I don’t meet my funding goal, YMC can either make up the difference and move forward with the project, or they guarantee to stop the project and disperse each Fanvestors money directly back to them.  In other words it’s a no risk opportunity for your listeners to get involved in something important and powerful.  They can own something that they can they pass down to their own children literally, as royalties are transferable.

When people go to sign upon the website, if their state hasn’t cleared for funding yet, they may pre select outside of the United states until their state clears.  THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT.

I’m just really thankful that the ladies at YMC have given me the control and opportunity, and they have the belief in my talent to give me the ball and let me run with it.  So I won’t let them down.  With my new Management company G & C Media handling things for me I believe that 2015 is going to be a great year for me and my family.  

BREAKAWAY DAILY: I hope it is for you too Corey. Thank you and looking forward to hearing your new music.

Become a fanvestor on Corey’s album by clicking here.

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