Breakaway Daily interview:  Army veteran and digital abstract artist Mark Humes hopes to inspire others to face their demons

Prolific artist and author Mark Humes is the founder of the new art movement known as millennium creed. It is a new era in art where digital meets old traditions.

Mark has exhibited at the Artscape festival in Baltimore, Maryland, The Bowie Center for the Performing Arts in Bowie Maryland and his online gallery.


Mark has also published various books including Mindscapes, Mindscapes: Volume 2, The Book of Lost Verses Series and Creating the Lost Verses: An Adult Coloring Book. His goals with Mindscapes and The Book of Lost Verses are to share his artwork with the world in one of the oldest of artist traditions, making art books.

Born in Washington to a musical family, Mark served in United Army second infantry division and 101st Airborn Division until becoming disabled in 1995. Mark’s career mission is to show every disabled veteran and person that they can triumph over adversity, and that pain can turn into strength.

“If I can get one person to see the world differently and have their life become better because of it, I have done my job.” Mark says.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Describe the impact of art and why it is so vital?

MARK: Art has the power to express yourself and move others with only a picture. Through the medium of digital art, I share the deepest parts of my subconscious mind by giving shape, form and color to my emotions. I accomplish this by creating a total work of chaos. Once that is complete, I manipulate the image till an evolution takes place and brings the picture into a form where can see my spirit. I create my artwork because it’s the closest thing to telepathy I have discovered. My art is a journal of my raw thoughts and feeling frozen in time for all to see leaving a legacy of my experiences and feeling as a testament of my existence. I love art; I love the how I can fully express the range of human emotions in abstract art and share an image of that with the world.



How do you work?


I start with finding some very expressive music that is matching my mood at the time create what I hear and feel.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: What is integral to the work of an artist?


What is most Important to me is expressing human emotion. I feel the whole point of artwork is to illicit an emotional response. However, artwork can’t transmit what is don’t have. So to me that is paramount.


What role does the artist have in society?


I feel in this modern era, the role of an artist is to get people to look at the world in a different way and to try to make them connect with their humanity in an age of technology.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: What has been a seminal experience?


It happened when I was recovering in the hospital, and I could not bring myself to talk about what I was going through. So one day they took me to the art room and said paint or draw how you feel. In that one piece, everyone understood how I felt in one look, and that is when I realized I had a gift for expressing myself in this way.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: How has your practice changed over time?


I have to say it is always evolving, but I let my subconscious mind lead the way. Seeing that my subconscious mind stores all of who I am I have to say the most that changes is techniques, but never the core.


BREAKAWAY DAILY: What art do you most identify with?


I like doing cryptic abstracts. I often create works that reveal more as you look into them, beings I lead with my subconscious mind and don’t force my art I am often surprised by what I see myself when I am finished.






What themes do you pursue?


I draw from anything; it can be my emotions to mythology if I feel that the topic will bring people to an emotional response I go with.


BREAKAWAY DAILY: Describe a real-life situation that inspired you?


Seeing the Northern Lights the shapes and colors its a feeling I always seek to recreate in my art.

To view more of Mark Humes’s art visit his official website and online gallery at To purchase his art books visit his Amazon page.

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