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American Monster Guild (AMG) is a music management company founded in 2010 by Devon
Brabham. It grew out of a basic need for a management company created for artist
development, bookings, and a talent agency for upcoming artists and premier musical
expression. Since its origination, AMG has expanded to such midwestern
locations as Chicago, Texas, Detroit, Mississippi and the newest expansion is
in South Africa.


the past five years under the direction of its founder and CEO Devon Brabham, the
company has traveled the world over constructing opportunities for artists
including concerts and showcases. Devon started his music management career at
21 years of age and has served as an independent A&R for several
independent labels, most recently, Indie Music Factory.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: What made you decide to start the business? 

DEVON: My younger brother Darek Brabham and I started
a platform for Independent Artists, DJ’s, Producers, Dancers, Writers, and
Urban Performers from all walks of life. After he passed I decided that Las
Vegas and the world were ready for this entertainment platform uniquely created
for artists to be heard around the world.

BEAKAWAY DAILY: What does your company do? 

DEVON: American Monster Guild re-brands artists in
order to facilitate their growth. AMG teaches artists about their brand, the
legal processes, and procedures necessary in order to gain fans and traction on
their growth and potential. Through strategic promotion and marketing AMG gives
artists diverse exposure and more opportunities to showcase their talents
through exposure, distribution, promotion, marketing and network relationships.
American Monster Guild has the proven platform to catapult artists to the next
level of their career.


BREAKAWAY DAILY: What is the biggest reason an artist wants to work with you? 

DEVON: Our mission at AMG is to elevate, teach,
and develop artists at all levels of experience in order to expand their musical
and individual brand exposure. Through our showcase platform and management
structure, artists can be assured that their music and brand will not only
impact music fans regionally, but also reach beyond the local area and into
other major music markets across the United States.

AMG is most known for the artist showcases
we put on and the type of artists that sign up and flock to an American Monster
Guild showcase.  We are currently in
negotiations with several promoters in order to enter into touring agreements
that will provide more national opportunities for AMG Artists.  Our company is growing and has become a
respected & known entity in the entertainment industry in Las Vegas.  Now with a stronghold on the Las Vegas music
scene we are branching out and gaining recognition and momentum across the U.S.A.
This ultimately is the reason artists and other businesses want to work with

BREAKAWAY DAILY: What are some of the biggest challenges in running the type of company that you do?

DEVON: Ensuring that every day that AMG reaches a
new group of fans, DJ pool’s, producer pools, or community. AMG is focused on
changing lives, and improving independent artist’s lives and teaching them
business savvy techniques.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: What are the names of your current artists and what projects are you working on? 

DEVON: There are several projects that we have in
the works. There is an AMG compilation album slated for summer 2015 which will
feature production from some of the hottest upcoming producers and talented AMG
artists. Our current roster artists are – VIP, Eddie Fuse, EC2RX, Bono DaKidd,
Tray Hazit, Bravo, Rob Mack, Nitti Bo, Howell, Doe Balla. And our newest
signing is the multi -talented Boogie Madeoff. Our company is growing and so
are all the artists we manage.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Where can people connect with AMG? 

The website is The company contact phone number is
702-416-6828 and email address is Fans can also connect with us on Facebook and send media inquiries to URBAN STARZ MEDIA
&P.R c/o Lashaun Turner (951) 665-8365

Interview by Jamey Beth,

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