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Breakaway Daily Interview with Creators of Independent Sitcom “Swaggapuss Gets A Job”

Breakaway Daily Interview with Creators of Independent Sitcom “Swaggapuss Gets A Job”

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BREAKAWAY DAILY: For those that haven’t yet checked out the online sitcom, what is Swaggapuss Gets A Job about?

OCC MULTIMEDIA: Swaggapuss Gets a Job is about the main character Swaggapuss trying to survive in the real world.  Swaggapuss is kicked out from his home with Mommapuss because she is tired of him being an irresponsible adult.  He asks his cousin R.L. if he could move in with him. R.L. feeling like he doesn’t have a choice, allows him to only his he gets a job. Swaggapuss gets into awkward adventures trying to be accepted in the real world as a cat who carries himself like a human.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: What was the idea behind Swaggapuss Gets A Job?

OCC MULTIMEDIA: The idea behind the show was a mixture of concepts.  It originally started off as an idea for a cartoon or comic strip and due to lack of artist support became a full live show.  The show throws in a blend of parody from different styles used in other TV shows.  We normally throw in a skit that makes the viewer feel as if they are watching a TV show or commercial from Swaggapuss’s point of view. Usually in the skit the main characters play alternative roles as characters in the skit.  We have thrown in reality TV style interviews and have a hidden camera in the suit for candid responses from people when we are out shooting. 

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Why giant cats?

OCC MULTIMEDIA: There was no rhyme or reason for choosing a cat.  The awkward thing for me being the creator is I’ve never owned or really cared for cats as a pet.  Most of the material comes from cat stereotypes.  Swaggapuss was created about 5 years ago and at the time the word Swag was real popular so the name kind of derived from a joke of pop culture wrapped into a character.  The cat part just kind of fell into place afterwards.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: Why did you want to make it an independent sitcom through a series of episodes for online viewers?

OCC MULTIMEDIA: The whole online thing was just the best way to start and get noticed.  It wasn’t our ultimate goal of platform but it is the easiest way to grown these days.

BREAKAWAY DAILY: How many episodes are you looking to shoot and publish?

OCC MULTIMEDIA: We are doing a 6 episode pilot season to build a fan base and present to bigger TV opportunities for development of a real show.  We will make DVD’s at the end of the season for sale that will include exclusive material and bloopers episode from the season.  

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BREAKAWAY DAILY: Is this your first production?

OCC MULTIMEDIA: This is my first production as far as film wise.  I’ve been a videographer over the years mainly shooting music videos and weddings.   The whole cast ironically are also music artists including myself.  It’s crazy how we came together and decided to use our creativity in a different way.  This whole experience is definitely a growing experience and a challenge I can’t get enough of it.  Bringing visuals to life becomes addicting once you see the finished product. 

BREAKAWAY DAILY: When is the next episode?

OCC MULTIMEDIA: The next episode should be available in mid to end of March 2015. We are simultaneously shooting and releasing this season. We plan on releasing the next 4 episodes by June 2015. 

Fans can subscribe at to keep up with the release of the episodes.

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