Breakaway Daily Interview with Quote This Project founder Ross DiStefano

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Quote This Proect is the Android app for homeowners & tradespeople.


Are you a homeowner looking to get work done in your home? Are you having trouble finding tradespeople who can actually help you get your project done when you want? We have all experienced how hard it is to find someone you can trust with your home projects. Your entire workday or free day can be spent on trying to find that painter, gardener, electrician, deck builder, landscaper, someone to assemble your Ikea furniture, someone to clean your windows and gutters, someone to tile your bathroom, and the list of projects could be endless! Quote This Project app helps remove the homeowner’s frustration on getting projects and repairs done at the best cost, in a timely fashion, and without wasting countless hours searching through internet ads.


On the flip side, the app was designed to help skilled people search for repairs, projects, small to large renovations, and household chores without spending a huge amount of time and money for advertising. Quote This Project makes it simple to find new jobs that match your working area, your expertise, and your schedule! Choose the jobs that you wish to work on. Simply define your skill-set & expertise, and your working radius. The app will notify you once a job matches your criteria and you can connect directly with the homeowner over the app.

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