Breakaway Daily Interview with Rap/Hip Hop Artist KJ Da Youngstar


Juggling University and a budding rap career is just a normal day in the life of KJ Da Youngstar. 

You are currently attending Sam Houston State University, where your EP single “House Party” is a big hit. What are you taking in University?

I’m currently majoring in Industrial technology with a minor in electronics. I got my Associates in Business too.

How do you balance your academic life with your passion for music?

Ain’t gone lie thIs shit difficult hahaha, but I love it. I maintain a 3.0 and put on a great show so I’d just say I’m built for this.

Do both of these aspects of your life contribute to each other or overlap? 

Personally i can say yea, I feel like what i learn I can just expand on and grow.

What first got you interested in making your own Hip-Hop?

It was 2005-2006 I used to record for my partner Wa Wa, but I never recorded myself seriously until about 2008 when my lil homie Lil P had me collab with him.

Who arranges your beats, does your producing?

Lil P my producer, but I work with VybeBeats and 5Star Productions.

What are the stages in your writing process?

I typically get me some Juicy J papers or Raws twist up then freestyle do several takes but I no longer write.

Which artists do you most admire or look up to?

Drake, he literally controls the market and put on a hell of a show for Texas.

Today’s music is about collaborations, what rapper or producer would you love to work with on a project?

Artist would be the Big Homie Berne or Boosie, he could give me some real ass game!

Thanks to KJ Da Yungstar for taking the time to chill with me today, be sure to follow him on twitter

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