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Breakaway Daily goes on set & speaks with Let Em Laugh Productions to get the scoop on their latest feature shot in The Maritimes. 

The Divorce is the sophomore comedic en-devour by New Brunswick filmmakers “Let Em Laugh Productions” (LELP). The film has come to life from script to screen thanks to the help of a very passionate and supportive team who truly have a love of film as this is a zero funded film with cast and crew that are all volunteers. Just wrapping in November 2013, the film took about six months to shoot at various locations across Saint John, New Brunswick and the surrounding area.

The Divorce is a raunchy dramatic comedy which follows the weekend antics of four close friends on a road trip to celebrate one of their comrade’s newly found freedom. Due to circumstances along the way, they never get to the intended destination but they do learn a whole lot more and about trust, relationships, and the meaning of true friendship. It was written and directed by Robert Parsons, produced by Elaine Shannon, and executively produced by Richard MacQueen.


The Divorce is a road trip film, that will be in a similar vein to The Hangover, but instead of traveling from LA to Las Vegas, they are traveling from Saint John to Fredericton. It is a light light hearted comedy that will be filled with the four friends getting into lots of shenanigans along the way!

Even though the cast is made up of first time actors, they showed great professionalism on set and had a great dynamic with each other. Before they started rolling the crew had them hang out and get to know each so when the cameras were ready to roll, the audience would believe that they were best friends.

The filmmakers have learnt a lot from their first film The Calling, which was just invited to be shown at the Beloit International Film Festival in Wisconsin.With The Divorce, First Assistant Director Julius Malco told me how they are now better able to tighten up a scene if the dialogue goes too long, see what needs to be re-shot, etc. Some of the cast from their first film will also make a cameo in this feature.


LELP have had various support from the NB Film Co Op and have met other film folks through Twin Prop Productions. These kind of partnerships is what helps to drive the film community in the area, and it is only with these kind of networks that the local “scene” can truly thrive. The Let Em Laugh team also give credit to their supportive families, that allow them to follow their passion of making films.

After Let Em Laugh Productions complete The Divorce they will take a well deserved ten month break before they get started on their next film, which they already have a script in progress for. This next film will be a departure from their comedic roots, promising to be heartfelt and dramatic. When I was on set and spoke to Julius Malco about it he told me that he had tears in his eyes while reading the script. He said it will show Rob’s dynamic ability to write different genres and should touch and captivate the audience. For that feature they will be going after funding, and will approach producers and executives in the industry to get more exposure.

Be sure to look in your rear view mirror for The Divorce to bereleased sometime in 2014. It should be distributed at various film festivals including Toronto Independent Film Festival, SilverWave, and the Halifax Film Festival. The filmmakers are also hoping for an HBO or Showtime television deal. For now check out my behind the scenes on set footage and interview with First Assistant Director Julius Malco.

Check out the Let Em Laugh Productions & Frank Got Divorced websites to follow their social networks, view the film trailers and more!

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