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Breakaway Daily Awards recognize excellence in achievement, technology and philanthropy. 

Since the show’s launch in 2014, The Not Old Better Show has constantly pushed the boundaries with ease of access to technology. The multidimensional show is the first independent podcast to reach the 55+ age community and their families, delivering stories, tips, and resources with timely information through innovation.



The Not Old Better Show is an online audio podcast for those 50+, by those 50+

One of the show’s unique attributes is that listeners can “tune in” whenever and wherever they wish, making it portable, time shifted programming. Subscribers get access to any episode anywhere, and at anytime.

The Not Old Better Show is available for download, stream and viewing via digital distribution through websites and apps. The show is available free of charge via, iTunesSoundcloud,

Speaker, and on Apple and Android devices via

Google Play,
iHeartRadio and various other apps. Most recently it has joined Amazon’s Echo, to make it even better!

The cylinder of sound is a new platform on which people can access Echo “skills” (Amazon’s name for Echo apps). The program can be launched by using voice commands such as “Alexa, play The Not Old Better Show,“ and “Alexa, play the next episode.”


The Not Old Better Show is now available on Amazon Alexa.

Interviews with some of the world’s best known aging personalities, as well as traveling to the top domestic and international destinations is how the show brings their listeners the stories they want to hear. Because they are based in the Washington DC metro area, they are very accessible to policy, finance, health, and government leaders that are eager to reach their important audience.

The Not Old Better Show is hosted by

award-winning blogger, writer, producer and media veteran Paul Vogelzang. Paul shares his opinions and experiences as he talks about culture, fashion, grooming, entertainment, technology, literature, fitness, and relationships.

Known for his down to earth accessible reporting style, Paul offers advice and conversation for men and women in the 50 + age community. Join Paul and guests weekly for exclusive Smithsonian programs, author interviews, and engaging talk that’s always better on this award wining show.


Find out more about host Paul Vogelzang and the show on The Not Old Better’s official website.


When asked what sparked the idea for creating the podcast, Paul told Breakaway Daily:

As a 50+ age person, I found very little information with any sense of objectivity, balance or awareness about how being north of 50 can mean many different things, and isn’t about healthcare and social security. Additionally, when first thinking about how to do this, i.e., the podcast idea, many people north of 50 said straight out: no one will listen, watch or pay attention to a show dedicated to this age group. So, I began with a chip on my shoulder to prove it could be done.


In describing The Not Old Better apps and their focus, Vogelzang points to the various comments made by Beta Testers and Breakaway Daily testing agents. One comment read: “This app from The Not Old Better Show is especially designed for older eyes, giving us all the simple option to toggle between different, easy and easier sizing of reading the screen!”

The app needed to make sense to our audience,”

Vogelzang says. “It’s gratifying to hear comments pointing out specific uses, following directly from our intended development. And, to be the recipient of the Breakaway Daily Technology Award is just double confirmation we’re on the right track.” Vogelzang goes on to say, “We’ll continue to make scheduled improvements, and for now, we’re testing at every stage to make it the very best, after gratefully accepting this recent award.


Find out more about the award announcement on Release Wire.

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