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Screen Media Group are an innovative digital signage company based in Miami, Florida and Caracas, Venezuela. The company has materialized amazing products such us interactive boards, advergames, digital signage solutions, menu boards and more.  They are avidly giving conferences about innovation,

and meeting with other great minds to see how they can push creations to the next level.


The company’s CEO, Neron Meiler, created the revolutionary software for Digital Signage, Menu Boards and Touch Screen Kiosks in 2008. Neron Meiler graduated from Emeron College in 1998, receiving a half scholarship and won an Evvy Award for his own personal website. He then started his own company dedicated to innovate in technology, and has worked in more that 1500 digital projects with the top companies in Latin America. Neron has consulted top CEOs on startups ideas and Innovation products. His software was sold by HP in Mexico as a standard for the digital signage projects the company sold, and implemented an interactive directory for a major department store.


Screen Media Group’s latest project is a twenty screen video wall art design for a Duty Free America Store at the Miami International Airport. You can view it here.

For more information on Screen Media Group, visit their official website

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