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7 causes of an unexpected Google ranking drop

7 causes of an unexpected Google ranking drop

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You are most likely doing almost everything in the right way. You are most likely careful. You are probably skilled. Unfortunately, that does not free you from the issue every SEO encounters at least once in awhile in their profession: mysteriously dropped rankings in organic search. There was not any major update from Google that you have knowledge of, nor did your strategy bring any major change, so when an unexpected drop occurs in your organic traffic and your ranking in the SERPs falls, it is usual for a little anxiety to set in.

Below are the leading 7 causes of an unexpected drop in ranking:

Google has refreshed

Google does not depend on enormous, game-changing one-of-a-kind updates the way it used to; however, it hardly ever remains still for long. Penguin and Panda data refreshes take place more or less once a month, which means it is likely that your website has been re-reviewed to be a bit lower or a bit higher in quality than it was just a month ago. Micro-updates, like the ones led by the new machine learning algorithm RankBrain, are likewise popular. Eventually, these are slight, virtually unimportant variables, and you cannot do much about them. All you need to do is stay knowledgeable about the recent changes in Google, learn about best techniques, and keep improving your strategy.

Your website is new

When you launch your website, Google will have in no way heard of it, and it will not have your website indexed, meaning you cannot appear in any search results. When your website is first indexed by Google, it may provide you with a false ranking boost (because new websites are naturally favored by Google’s algorithm temporarily), which leads you to believe that you have gained those ranks without help. After that brief moment of ranking high, your rankings will most likely plunge once more as Google attempts to figure out who you are and how authoritative you are. To summarize, instability is anticipated and common for new websites”, says Catherine Duke, digital marketing strategist providing SEO Services in Montreal.

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Creation of bad link

Although you may strictly follow best link building practices, it is likely that a bad link got into your backlink profile. Somebody else entirely may have developed it, or on a website that is not quite relevant enough for your brand, or you may have created a link hurriedly, placing the occurrence totally beyond your control. Anyway, if Google spots a low-authority, irrelevant, or an unhelpful link pointing back to your website that might be all it will take for you to drop in rank. You can use Open Site Explorer or a similar tool to examine your backlink profile, and sending a simple request to the webmaster hosting it to remove any suspicious links.

You lost a great link

On the other hand, if you had a particularly powerful link pointing back to your website that unexpectedly vanished, the authority it passed will vanish altogether. For instance, if you earned a link on a leading authority with a. edu domain, and that webmaster chose to remove it completely, or chose to convert the link into a nofollow link. It is to be anticipated that that your domain authority, along with your rankings, would then plunge, particularly if you are a newbie.

Something your robots .txt file has changed

This file is an instruction file .txtin the back end of your website, which allows search crawlers to be familiar with numerous things regarding your website. For instance, you can tell crawlers to disregard certain versions of pages, or certain pages.

Brock Murray, a full-stack marketing specialist at SEOplus, cites that if you have unintentionally updated the robots .txt file to inform Google that bulk portions of your website should not be indexed, you will lose considerable ground in the search engine results pages. Learn about best strategies for your robots .txt file, and check yours thoroughly; just to be safe.

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Decline in the quality of content

This is not a standard reason behind unexpected drops in website traffic because a drop in the quality of content often takes place over time; however, it is likely that a slow change in your content strategy influenced your latest rankings. Google prefers original, long-form, highly detailed content with easy to understand wording and intensely researched elements. If your content is done in a hurry, less detailed, less helpful for your readers, it may activate a signal to Google that you are not as authoritative as you were previously. If you are worried, you need to analyze the strength of your latest material by running a content audit and freshen up your strategy for current best strategies in content marketing.

The emergence of a competitor

At present, you are not the only business in your field struggling by every available means to top in Google’s search results. If a new contender shows up in the industry with an excellent new website and lots of original, insightful, content, you might easily get outranked. Older competitors, as well, may launch new initiatives and new approaches, which will make them more appealing to Google’s ranking algorithm. If this happens, you should intensify your efforts to match up with theirs or identify a new angle or new field to permit you a better competitive upper hand.

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