Christian Rap: Aydrien’ Banks New Name, New Music & New Message.

Gospel music and peace related messages are often the resolution of many artists who began their career in other genres. This is often coming from a change of lifestyle, perception and new rejuvenation to spread the Christian teachings. Aydrien’ Banks, known as Oneshot Bk Reppa in the earlier days of his career, is among many who have had a complete change of style and message. The Christian recording artist changed his studio name and message when he decided to sing gospel music. Aydrien’ Banks is many things besides just an American gospel artist. He is also a film director, fitness model, actor and entrepreneur. He has enjoyed a faithful sect of fans in both his recording names, although the new look has been much better.


The New Message

Getting the excellent reception that Aydrien’ Banks received, has been a challenge for many artists. Changing from one genre to another and using a new name can be overwhelming. The transition and acceptance always seems eternal and accurately gauging response is another difficulty. This has not been the same case for Aydrien’ Banks. As a matter of fact, he has gained tremendous numbers of new fans, and the old ones still love his unique artistic prowess. Besides, the gospel message he sings he also expresses a new realization, conviction and knowledge as well as a taste of brilliance into this strict genre. When Banks first entered the music scene as a recording artist, he was known for the unique singing ability and distinct messages. Banks started out under Busta Rhymes manager who guided him for a while before they parted ways. While it took him some time to re-emerge, he has now done it in big fashion. With a new name, a new brand and a new line of message, Aydrien’ Banks is set to achieve greatness like never before. The music is much more appreciated, themed and contains specific teachings. This has attracted many people and it can only be expected that he will be fueled to produce even better music.

Management and Music

When Aydrien’ Banks parted his ways with Busta Rhymes manager, he decided to take time and build his own independent brand. There are many advantages of this since he can now design plans and projects that suite the new music and message with ultimate control, efficiency and patience. Busta Rhymes was already and has still remained an international icon for many years. It can be attributed that some of that aura naturally spread to Aydrien’ Banks when they were under the same manager. This combined with his natural vocal ability propelled him to the heights. Now with the new brand, he has achieved self sufficiency and can develop his image proficiently. The new message attracts a new fan base and his past endeavors only show how capable he is as a musician. He is definitely set to be the best Christian recording artist and there is no doubt he has all it takes to achieve that. The music will still be influenced significantly by his previous style and setting. Nonetheless, it is a brand new realization and a new message which is distinct and aimed to increase the faith in Christian gospel to all his fans.

Written by: Sue Beatrice 

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