“Copperhead” Comes to Blu-Ray & DVD

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It is hard to believe I attended the world premiere of Copperhead last June (watch my coverage here) and now it is available on Blu-Ray & DVD! I received an advanced copy of the film last week and let me tell you the film transfers nicely to digital. Warner Home Video blu-ray discs offer resolution six times higher than standard definition DVDs, as well as extraordinary vibrant contrast and color and beautifully crisp sound.  Unfortunately, there are no bonus features. 


Shot in Kings Landing Historical Settlement in New Brunswick, Canada get ready to pick up your own copy of Copperhead now! Click here to purchase from Amazon.

Billy Campbell, Augustus Prew, Angus Macfadyen, Francois Arnaud and Peter Fonda star in this Civil War drama adapted from Harold Frederic’s novel The Copperhead, and directed by Ronald F. Maxwell (Gettysburg, Gods and Generals). Set in the fall of 1862, the story details the hardships endured by an upstate New York farmer branded a “Copperhead” by his government and his neighbors for believing that the war was futile, and advocating that the Northern states negotiate a peace treaty with the South. Read my full review of the film here.

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