DroneTopolis AR App is a drone on your phone!

DroneTopolis AR App

Circle Square’s DroneTopolis AR app is a virtual powered drone simulator for your iOS. You will be able to test your piloting skills by flying through augmented reality and flying through a virtual interface. Your in-destructive drone is controlled anywhere and at any time through your iOS device. DroneTopolis AR allows you to have fun while driving in realistic environments and surroundings.

“ARKit is a game-changer,” says Taylor Moore, co-founder of CircleSquare Entertainment. “We were actually working very hard on a drone racing game, but dropped everything when we realized that we could offer iOS users the kind of augmented reality no one has ever seen before. DroneTopolis AR is like having a drone in your pocket.”

Developed by a professional photographer, the DroneTopolis AR’s flight is a reflection of the real thing for perfect control. This drone eliminates batteries, bad weather, flight restrictions and costly repairs. You also have the option to share in flight travel with friends and family. In the mood to share some footage? Record and stream your in-flight antics to wow friends and family members.

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