Film #108 of 2014: “Expecting Amish”

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Starring: AJ Michalka, Jesse McCartney, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Alyson Stoner, Brian Krause.

Expecting Amish” is the Lifetime drama about four Amish teenagers living in rural Pennsylvania.  When they are allowed to go to Los Angeles to experience RUMSPRINGA or rite of passage, Mary (Stoner), Isaac (Cameron Boyd, (“X-Men, Last Stand) and Sara (Aurelia Scheppers, “Snow Queen”) are excited to make the trip but Hannah (Michalka) is reluctant to leave her father (Krause), siblings and her intended, Samuel (Bilodeau).


Once in Los Angeles, all but Hannah begin to immediately enjoy their new freedom.  Encouraged to spread her wings and go to a college party, Hannah meets Josh (McCartney) and the two become inseparable. 


When Hannah begins having feelings for Josh, her friends become concerned. When the time comes for the four to return to their Amish lives and be baptized by their elder (Ely), difficult decisions must be made. Things get even more complicated for Hannah – when she discovers a shocking secret that would certainly cause her to be shunned forever!


Expecting Amish” is produced by Check Entertainment.  Richard Gabai and Michael Amato are producers.  The film is directed by Richard Gabai from a screenplay by Scott Durdan.

Watch a video montage of the movie below:

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