Consumer debt enslavement is alive and well in America

The sad truth is that too many Americans have fallen victim to consumer debt enslavement. In fact, an Equifax report showed that US consumer...
Pubic Debt

Public debt has a greater impact then a taxpayers private debt

  Most private debt is much easier for an individual to keep up with. Normally an individual frequently checks their bank account balance, and pays...

The Market Exchange and Recyclable Lifetime Consumer Debt

The consumer is the creator, seller and buyer of their own Recyclable Lifetime Consumer Debt (RLCD). The Consumer is named Insured on their own...

The Impact of Consumer Debt on State Economy

Very few people in this era are little acquainted with the term consumer debt. They are carrying it out but probably don’t know the...

The Huge Costs Associated with Debt

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”. Those are the famous words of the cartoon character, Wimpy, from the once popular cartoon,...
Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt Enslavement

Earlier this month the Federal Reserve have released some data explaining that Americans owe about more than $1 trillion credit cards debt which is...
Recyclable Lifetime Consumer Debt

Recyclable Lifetime Consumer Debt and Multigenerational Poverty

Debt is a burden on humanity. An individual creates debt on a daily basis during their entire lifetime as a result of striving for...
Flag of America

capitalism and the impact consumers have on American culture

What many people value about America Many people in the American society value the benefit of having an opportunity to obtain an education, getting a...
Woman thinking

Consumer Debt Cycle: Selling A False Dream

Many people who were born and raised in the USA were taught to believe that if they go to school and graduate, then they...
Man on plantation

Farmer, Baker & Debt manufacturer

A farmer plants twelve bushels of corn and feeds himself and his family from the harvest that he produces. Any excess corn produced is taken...


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