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Gorgani is an exclusive scarf brand that represents individuality, exclusivity, beauty and elegance. The company creates hand-crafted offerings from Los Angeles, CA and Palm Beach, FL that empower men and women to express their individuality. Creating captivating scarves, wraps, stoles, and headscarves that are all hand-crafted in the United States is the company’s mission. Gorgani is also an ethically and environmentally conscious company with box packaging made of recycled material, and bags/fabrics sourced in the USA.

Gorgani was born from passion, persistence and a dream. The Gorgani team brings a diverse range of expertise to their craft.  A combined experience of over sixty years in the areas of sewing, fabric selection, and fashion design allows them to generate scarves that elicit an emotional response through sight, touch, and feel.

Gorgani’s line of women’s scarves range in fabric, style and design. From printed scarves of floral and animal prints, to gorgeous solid color scarves. Men’s scarves are handsome and fitting for a gentleman. They come in variety of thickness and fabric styles. Scarves are available in a particular design or pattern until it is no longer carried by their sources. This means that many of their scarves are limited editions, or only available in limited quantities.

Check out their full line on Gorgani.biz

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