Grease Live Wasn’t Vanessa Hudgens First Time Playing the Bad Girl

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Vanessa Hudgens blew everyone away playing Rizzo in the TV musical adaptation of Grease. But it wasn’t the actresses first time at playing this juicy kind of role. Vanessa has been trying to shed her good girl high school musical days for a while now.

Spring Breakers (which also stars with another Disney star Selena Gomez) has Vanessa AKA “Candy” doing all sorts of debauchery. Drinking, smoking and having a threesome with James Franco’s character are just some of the things she gets up to.


In Frozen Ground Vanessa plays a stripper and a junkie.


In Gimme Shelter Vanessa gained 15 pounds to play a pregnant teenager fleeing her abusive mother and trying to survive on the streets.


In her most recent film, Vanessa plays a sexy vampire in Freaks of Nature. Just look at one of the posters!


On her new mature type of roles Vanessa said:

“I love finding things that scare me and doing them. That’s how you grow. At maybe 14, I got my first guest-starring spot on a crime show [Robbery Homicide Division]. In it, my father got shot in front of me, and I was crying and freaking out. I loved it. I was like, ‘I want to play the really heavy parts.’ It’s so far from who I am. There’s complete freedom within it. Things I’ve been doing lately, I’m super-proud of. So I don’t really care if someone doesn’t like it, because I love it.”

Check out more of Vanessa in Grease Live.

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