iEvolve is a self-improvement app helping users find their shadow so they can turn into someone more positive

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Can an app on your phone make you a better person? That’s the goal of the new self-improvement app iEvolve from Mohsin Ehsan. It aims to help its users “Defeat The Darkness Within”. I think we can all agree that’s a great goal, but you’re probably wondering how it works. iEvolve is designed to help you become more aware of negative behaviors and thoughts that occur to you automatically. In order to improve ourselves we have to know where we’re falling short of the kind of person that we want to be.


The method is based on the psychology of Carl Jung, who said, “Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.” The goal of this app is to help you become aware of the negative traits of your shadow, the side of your personality that is hidden from your conscience experience. The less aware we are of our shadow, the more control it has over us and our actions. With awareness comes the power to work our shadow and ourselves into someone more positive.

iEvolve brings about this awareness through pop-up notifications, which also have response buttons. The app sends these out to remind you to monitor and evaluate your behavior and automatic thoughts. To set it up, you first select an area of improvement or negative trait – an “objective”. You can choose one of the already-defined objectives (Bitterness, Arrogance or Greed) or you can define your own. iEvolve asks you to reflect on this objective and note examples of actions that violate the objective, and also encourages you to think of positive alternative behaviors. You can customize your settings regarding the text and frequency of the notifications and the duration of your focus on this objective – a countdown. This gives you the option to take it slow or really challenge yourself. You can then report back to the app your “violations” – thoughts and acts that are against your objective – though the response buttons within the notification, and it tracks and graphs them so that you can follow your progress.

iEvolve is a simple app and very easy to use but has the potential to be a very powerful tool for its users and has versatile health and self-improvement applications. This app is appropriate for all ages and works on Android 5.0 and up, available in the Google Play Store.


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