“My Start of Studying Tao” by Shilo Ren features model Alisha Safo by photographer Jun Yang. The project was made using Inkston Gold Fleck Xuan paper.

Inkston preserves traditional oriental art and craftmanship

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My Start of Studying Tao by Shilo Ren features model Alisha Safo by photographer Jun Yang. The project was made using Inkston Gold Fleck Xuan paper. Inkston preserves traditional oriental art and craftmanship through being a leading supplier of high quality handmade art materials from top historical workshops, most of which have not previously had access to internet distribution channels. These include Old Hu Kai Wen 老胡开文 inksticksJiang Si Xu Tang 姜思序堂 colours, as well as the premium Red Star 红星papers and brushes and top and award winning Seal artists.  Inkston has partnered with traditional workshops and craftspeople in rural china such as Xuan papers from traditional workshops in the Xuan paper villages.

Inkston helps preserve oriental craftsmanship through art and handmade materials

Traditional craftsmanship is in a precarious state of survival. In the last five years, over 70-80% of Xuan Paper workshops have been closed down due to the fierce competition from modern papers. Xuan Paper is eco-friendly, sustainable, and recyclable. Due to the unique materials and production methods it has characteristics that cannot be replicated by modern industry. The labour-intensive hand-carving can’t compete with modern mould-produced products.

Inkston also houses traditional hand-made brushes, hand-carved Sheyan inkstones from Anhui, and hand-made ceramic accessories from young ceramic artists and designers in JingDeZhen. In addition to materials, Inkston provides informative articles and an active artists community site. Join Shilo Ren and other artists on Inkston Community: a free service supporting artists and teachers around the world specialising in Oriental art techniques and materials.

Visit Inkston to discover more about this unique and traditional art form.

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