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15 Second Ideas on Instagram shares creative fifteen second video tutorials to over eleven thousand followers about food, customizing clothing, crafts, tips, repurposing and more!


Who is Sheylla Gonçalves?

It’s so many girls in one.  In my 27 years, I’ve collected many experiences and have experimented in so many areas, so I am always finding a way to connect these experiences with art.  I’ve been an actress from the beginning, along with an art teacher, art educator, producer, and storyteller… I’m a workaholic.  When I’m on a project I live it 24/7.

How was the creative process about @15sideas?

Do you know when you have to divert from your path to reach a bigger goal?  I was both working in an office that wasn’t related to anything artistic and experiencing so many challenges being in a new country that has a completely different culture than mine.  I needed something creative to distract my mind or I would go crazy – I need art in my life.  I created the Instagram because it was a way to be connected even while I was working.  I’ve always liked the photo tutorials that we see on the Internet and I used to ask myself if the things in the pictures worked.  In the pictures everything seemed so easy and simple so I decided to try making video tutorials.


Did you promote your Instagram a lot or did the followers just start to generate interest in it?

I believe both happened.  Promotions are essential for any business.  I promoted and kept at it.  The difference is the more you get to know your tool and audience, which in this case is Instagram, the more you learn about how to promote your business.


How do you keep in touch with your followers? How is your relationship with your followers?

I always try to be present.  I don’t want anyone to feel they are just a number.  We are here to share ideas.  Many of my followers send me questions, suggestion, and photos asking me for tips on how to customize their clothes and other things.  I always try not to let anyone down – we learn and grow together.  I love when I get these loving messages.  I receive many of them and they are so rewarding!  They make my day more colorful.

Who are your followers?

In the beginning the followers were teachers, educators, art studios and teenagers.  Now I am happy to say the audience has grown into a diverse group and it makes me so happy.

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