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Sono Vero (Charlie, Dan, Nathan, Anthony, Steven and Budda) is a talented young band from Southern California that infuse Island Reggae with a hip hop flair to create a fresh and fun sound. They were awarded the Best Reggae Artist at the 2014 Artists In Music Awards, and their single "Never Say Goodbye" topped the world famous radio station KGUP 106.5FM in Los Angeles for 18 straight weeks as the most requested artist.  The band’s EP “Roses for the Reckless” was recorded with legendary producer Lewis Richards and is currently sitting at No. 7 on iTunes Reggae charts. Breakaway Daily caught up with the band that are sure to be serious players in the music game. 

Love the songs and the artwork on your new EP “Roses for the Reckless.” Can you explain a little about how the album art came into fruition? 

We worked with a very talented artist who helped us portray our visions onto the page. Anyone who knows the real Charlie can definetly interpret the meaning of the artwork. But for now we will leave it open for interpretation amongst the public.


How would you describe the tracks on the EP, what story do does it tell?  

All the songs on the EP are written about one girl in which Charlie specifically had a connection with and it shows a little bit of the timeline of the relationship. It’s really a tribute to young love. And the extremity of it.

What is the meaning behind your band name? In researching you I discovered it means “sound from truth” in Latin, which seems very fitting! 

You have it exactly right. What it really means to us is just being true to oneself. Which we believe is hard to find these days. We also feel as though this sets us apart in the midst of our saturated industry, because we just tell you exactly whats going on and our interpretations of these life experiences.

What are some of your favorite artists? 

We have too many favorite artists to say them all, but they range anywhere from The 1975 to The Dirty Heads.

Since you all have different influences how were you able to bring those influences into what has accumulated to be the songs on your album/ep? 

Right of the bat when you listen to this EP you can tell that does not fit in to a cookie cutter genre but rather is a fusion of about three or four main styles in which we’ve grown to love being california natives. Reggae, Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop. 

How has California shaped your music and lyrics?

California is a big part of our aura in general. Its our home and were products of its environment and the many things it has to offer us. 

Your music definitely has a reggae vibe, but it also includes other musical styles including some pop and hip hop.  How were you able to establish your unique sound? Did you know that was the sound you wanted when you formed as a band or did it happen organically?

It happened completely organically. Like we said earlier we like what we like and we portray all of our musical tastes into our songwriting trying to stray away from genre limitations. 

You have performed across the country at various venues and festivals, sharing the stage with some of the most reputable names in the scene. What have been some of the highlights?

We have been on two nationwide tours as of now. And both trips have been absolutely amazing. One experience that comes to mind is headlining The Roxy in Hollywood for the first time. We had dreamed about it as kids, and the satisfaction we got from seeing it come from all the hard work we’ve put in was incredible. 

What is up next for you guys? A full length album perhaps? 

We have a project entitled “Wild” that is projected to drop sometime before 2015, but like all matters we want to take our time on this one and make it the creation we have envisioned for it.

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