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Interview with Award-winning Singer/Songwriter Jiggley Jones

Interview with Award-winning Singer/Songwriter Jiggley Jones

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Under the professional direction of MTS Management Group, Michael Stover says, “Jiggley has that one-of-a-kind sound that I look for in an artist. His songs will touch you and move you with their beautiful lyrics and melodic strength.” I got to seak with Jiggley about working with Grammy nominees, his love for Dave Mathews, and what it was like to work for MTV.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your music?

Sure, I’m a singer/songwriter from southeastern Pennsylvania and have two EPs that have been released to the public over the last few years. My music isn’t very genre specific which means I just let it out and it falls wherever it does, sometimes towards the Country side of things and sometimes towards the Rock side.

You just released your new EPoLamon Records Nashville that was produced by Grammy nominee, Dave Moody.  What can listeners expect from it?

This one is called “A Mountain, A Struggle, A Tunnel, A Light” released on the Lamon Records Nashville label and produced by Grammy nominated producer Dave Moody. There are 6 songs on the record and like my first release the music is acoustic guitar driven. The other instruments involved were banjo, mandolin, piano, dobro, acoustic bass (and electric) and drums.  

What was the recording process like? I know you worked with Nashville producer Terry Wendt, a former bandleader for Shania Twain and Chris Tristram.

Yes, I worked with those guys in the past and it was a great experience. Chris and Terry remain very goods to this day. On the current release, which was recorded in Nashville, Dave Moody gathered some excellent studio session musicians and we put this thing together in the most comfortable way.

How would you describe your daily life as a musician?

Haha, an acoustic guitar strapped to me while chasing my kids all over creation.

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If you were given the opportunity to open for one Artist, who would you choose and why?

I’ve had that question thrown at me before and I always end up saying Dave Matthews. It seems like he draws an open minded crowd and his music is also acoustic guitar driven. He has a bit more energy in his stuff so I thought Jiggley Jones as an opener would be the perfect set up for him.

You used to be a member of a band called “Q”, involved with soundtrack projects on various MTV shows such as The Dennis Rodman Show, Cindy Crawford’s House of Style, and the reality show Road Rules. What was that experience like?

It was real cool but maybe not as exciting as you might think. We were lucky enough to know someone at MTV and they would let us know when the network was looking for music. So we always had the “in” on when to submit our already recorded stuff.

For more information and to purchase Jiggley Jones music visit his official website

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