Breakaway Daily Interview with J Metro

Jimmie (J Metro) Moore is a singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and poet based in Houston Texas. Jimmie L Moore Jr. began his musical training at the age of five with individual piano and voice lessons. Group musicianship skills were also learned at a young age when in middle school he learned to play the trombone participating in concert and marching band as well as joined several academic and community choral ensembles.

Behind the Theatre Curtain: Interview with Hainsley Lloyd Bennett on Portraying Shakespeare’s Othello

Othello comes from a long pantheon of great characters written by the master himself, Shakespeare. Having seen various incarnations of the character in an array of settings it would take something fairly fresh and inventive to see another. Back in the summer of September 2014 at the Drayton Arms I got just that.

Interview with Star of Upcoming Indie Short Film “White Awake”


In an era of films that are littered with comic books, book adaptations, remakes, reboots, rehashes and re-imaginings its increasingly difficult to find something new or original as studios clamber for familiarity to draw audiences in. So when I stumbled on the Kickstarter for indie drama White Awake it wasn’t just a breath of fresh air but a perpetual gust of wind slapping me in the face and demanding my attention.

Breakaway Daily Interview with British Actor Hainsley Lloyd Bennett


Hainsley Lloyd Bennett has enjoyed success as a model as well as actor in film, theatre, music videos, television, and virals. He has been in commercials for corporations such as McDonalds, The Times, Rubicon, Burger King and Boots. Hainsley has made television appearances in the longstanding British drama Casualty as well as Papuan kidnapper Yudas
in the true story documentary My Holiday Hostage Hell and starred in the
BBC series Crimewatch.

Breakaway Daily Interview with  Chelsea Grant

New Zealander Chelsea Grant, the new and improved Lena Dunham! Not only an actress but a writer, director and new producer on the scene. I catch up with Chelsea on her exciting new projects, her recent trip to the OSCARS and her love for acting.


BREAKAWAY DAILY: You worked on the set of The Rake , how was that?

Stories Through Music: Breakaway Daily Interview with “Harmony of Kestra” Soundtrack Composer Zaalen Tallis


Self taught composer Zaalen Tallis was born into a very creative and musical family from Perth, Western Australia and has been composing music since he was the age of twelve. He played the trombone and studied classical and jazz music for a very brief time in his early teen years however he left studying music to just focus on creating music.

Rainchild Releases First Single and Music Video “Watershed”

Rainchild hails from Houston TX, consisting of four members with the raw and uncompromising drive to create music from the underbelly of ill emotions, vises, and hurt. Rainchild has shared the stage with numerous National acts: Hinder, Filter, Drowning Pool, David Allen Coe, Tantric, and many others. Rainchild proudly supports: Homes for our Troops, Cherish our Children International, Rock for Warriors and the Houston Food Bank.

“The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” Film Review & Analysis: A supernatural adventure that is never “mundane.”


When Clary Fray’s house is turned upside down and her mum is nowhere to be seen she learns that she descends from Shadowhunters who protect the world from demons. She joins forces with them to discover who she really is and find her mother.


Starring Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan, Jemima West,  Kevin Zegers, Jared Harris, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Lena Headey, Aidan Turner, and Godfrey Goa.

Breakaway Daily Interview with Creators of Independent Sitcom “Swaggapuss Gets A Job”

BREAKAWAY DAILY: For those that haven’t yet checked out the online sitcom, what is Swaggapuss Gets A Job about?

OCC MULTIMEDIA: Swaggapuss Gets a Job is about the main character Swaggapuss trying to survive in the real world.  Swaggapuss is kicked out from his home with Mommapuss because she is tired of him being an irresponsible adult.