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Behind The Beard: A Man’s Choice To Grow Facial Hair

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Facial hair can be a measure of a man’s masculinity. It can also be about social dominance and how to appear stronger and more mature. Facial hair can also send many subconscious messages to others.

A commercial survey held in New York in 2015, showed that 50% of the men answered feeling more attractive with a beard than without. And more than 75% of those without a beard said the inability to grow a beard was their reason for not having one.

The internet is overloaded with articles like: “Why do guys with beards make the best boyfriends”, “10 reasons having a beard is better than not having a beard”, “Why bearded men are better”. The day after the Golden Globe Awards 2017 the newspapers headed: And The Big Winner Is: Beards! Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, Donald Glover, Jake Gyllenhaal,…

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While hair transplant technology has been widely used for years, there is an increasing popularity of beard transplantation procedures. The techniques are now so sophisticated that, provided that a crafted surgeon does it, almost anything is possible. Facial hair transplantation may be the answer for men who can’t grow a full, thick, dense beard to their satisfaction due to genetic hair growth patterns, bold spots, hair loss as a result of surgery, scars, or other reasons that are preventing them from growing the beard or moustache they want. The treatment for facial hair transplantation, to create the possibility of growing a beard or moustache, is similar to hair transplantation on the scalp. For the most natural look the surgeon will evaluate the consistency of the hair in the recipient area and match it to a suitable donor site. The procedure is performed in the same way that regular hair transplantation is performed, by the same FUE technique. Also the extraction phase is exactly the same as it is for hair transplantation. Within a few hours, using local anaesthetic and without stitches or scars, a well trained medical team lead by a skilled surgeon, can “fill out” the beard or even create an entire beard. And in three to four months the implanted beard hair can be shaved and cared for in any way you want.

Yes, techniques are advancing. But only in the experienced hands of skilled surgeons. In Istanbul, Turkey, the craftsmanship of the surgeons is world famous. For decades now, people from all over the world travel to Istanbul, for hair and beard transplantation. In Istanbul, MCAN Health is working with the most talented surgeons in the field of hair transplantation. But they also understand the sensitivities of the people having a cosmetic surgery and will aim their services to support you during the entire process.  And when you are back home, MCAN Health will keep in touch until the final result is there to see. They would love to receive a picture of you, with a goatee, a heavy beard, light or heavy stubble, or with a clean-shaven chin. Because now you will have a choice of growing the type of beard you want. And that is important. As Dr. Oldstone-Moore, writer of the 2015 book “Of Beards and Men: The Revealing History of Facial Hair”, recently put it in the New York Times: “Whenever masculinity is redefined facial hairstyles change to suit.”

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