When you enter a mapped facility, Mapsted can guide you to your destination

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If you have ever visited a mall for the first time then you know how easy it is to get lost, and how hard it can be to find the store that you’re looking for. Well, Mapsted Navigation is the app for that. Most of us use GPS to find our way out on the streets, but what about indoors?

Mapsted is a free app that provides indoor navigation – for malls, and soon, other indoor spaces such as hospitals and airports. Unlike it’s competitors, Mapsted doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or any kind of mobile or internet connection. You simply download the app and you’re good to go on any facility that has been mapped by Mapsted, with or without a connection. This will give you reliable and uninterrupted navigation and it uses very little of your battery life.

Mapsted displays the locations of stores, kiosks, bathrooms, other amenities. It will show you your current location and guide you to where you want to go. It will recognize when you enter a mapped facility and will launch itself. Mapsted has other benefits – it can help you find stores that offer similar products and services and can even hook you up with coupons. You can search by the name of the business you want to visit or by how it is categorized. You can even create a customized profile so that Mapsted will know what you’re looking for.

Mapsted has launched in Toronto, Canada and currently has all major malls in Toronto mapped. New maps will be added regularly, and the app will add new North American locations at the end of March, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Montreal and Vancouver.

You can download Mapsted for your iOS or Android device by visiting

Available to download via Google Play.

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