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Why you need PDF to JPG Converter to change your PDF files to various image formats

Why you need PDF to JPG Converter to change your PDF files to various image formats

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PDF is undoubtedly one of the most reliable ways to store data because files in this format do not occupy most of your disc space, and can easily be opened and viewed on most Operating Systems. However, the PDF file still has a bunch of drawbacks. The most glaring challenge about PDF files is that they are difficult to edit and integrate into web pages. On the other hand, JPG is the most popular format used for photographic art. The JPG image format is easy to access and open in most imagining software such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and Corel. Additionally, the JPG format allows easy editing, posting, and integration of files on the internet. 


Why You Need the PDF to JPG Converter

On some occasions, you have an eBook, a report or maybe a receipt which you want to share with your contacts using a regular messaging app. When you try to upload your scanned or PDF file for sharing, the messaging app displays an error message claiming that you can only share images and not PDF files. If this challenge sounds familiar, try the PDF to JPG Converter software (available from Softonic or Soft Solutions). After successful installation, you can begin to enjoy easy conversion of all your PDF files to JPG. After conversion, you can easily share your image files using any messaging app such as Viber, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. The most amazing thing is, JPG and other famous image formats are supported by all operating systems and apps.


Advantages of the PDF to JPG Converter

Easy to use: The PDF to JPG Converter comes with an attractive and straightforward user-interface. The software’s platform is elegantly organized, enabling even amateurs to get acquainted with it in just a matter of minutes.

Can be used offline: You can use the PDF to JPG Converter offline! With this software, your file conversion does not need to rely on the stability of the internet anymore. Furthermore, you are not restricted by the size of the PDF file to convert at a time.

Adjustable resolution settings: Since the PDF to JPG Converter uses the dots-per-Inch technology (DPI), you have the freedom to set an appropriate resolution for your output image file. Finally, you full control in determining the quality and size of your output file.


Set colors: This fantastic program also allows you to customize the color of your converted image file to white, black or colored.

Allows batch conversion of PDF files: The batch conversion feature allows you to convert multiple PDF files to JPG in one go. Finally, your time and money are saved.

Converts password-locked files: The PDF to JPG Converter is also capable of supporting even password protected files. Just enter the relevant PDF file’s password and leave the software to do its magic.

Secure and safe: Since the conversion happens locally on your computer, your files’ security and privacy are guaranteed.

It goes without saying that the PDF to JPG Converter is all you need to convert your PDF file to an image for easy editing and sharing. The software does not only convert your PDF file to JPG, but also to TIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP and other popular image formats. 

To get started, watch this video tutorial below:

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