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RETRuly is an online marketplace dedicated to vintage clothing and home-wares


Demand for vintage has never been stronger. There is a particular type of person who scours Etsy, Ebay, and ASOS looking for the unique, the timeless, and the hard-to-come-by fashions of yesteryear. Large auction outlets and resale sites for years have catered to shoppers and their love of vintage, but what they have not done is made it easy to deliver low prices. High commission rates, fees and low visibility have made it more difficult for sellers to make a living without charging prices that are beyond what sellers want to pay or even can afford.


RETRuly caters to those who love vintage. It is a friendly community, bringing vintage enthusiasts together in a secure and safe environment. RETRuly was created in 2016 to provide the first marketplace dedicated to vintage clothing & home-wares. An alternative, more accessible marketplace, free from the rigid listing requirements and impersonal, obtrusive nature of the larger corporate marketplaces.It was created and is run by a small team of experienced vintage enthusiasts, dedicated to providing the best possible shopping experience for those with a love of vintage.


RETRuly was created by husband and wife team, Paul & Bernice. Over 10 years ago they tool the bold step & left their successful corporate careers to pursue their passion for vintage fashion. They successfully launched one of the first Vintage ecommerce websites in the UK and have gained extensive experience in online selling through their own website as well as ETSY, eBay and ASOS Marketplace.

“RETRuly really was one of those ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ type of concepts,” says owner Paul Armstrong. “After ten years of being a power seller on Ebay and looking at the charges for those of us here in the UK it got to the point where I realized that there had to be a better way of selling and buying vintage. We came up with the concept, implemented it and have been overwhelmed by the response from the Vintage community. I was confident that there was a strong demand for an alternative marketplace, but the response has exceeded my expectations.”

Shop vintage today, visit RETRuly.

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