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“Rufus” (2012) Film Review

“Rufus” (2012) Film Review

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Sink your teeth into this vampire film.


Rufus is the story of a lonely supernatural teenager who discovers what it means to be human. 

Written and directed by Dave Schultz, the movie is a character study of Rufus, played magnificently by English newcomer Rory J Saper. It focuses on the emotional side of living forever and only drinking blood and how how that lifestyle makes it difficult to establish normal relationships. It is Rufus’ internal struggle that makes the movie interesting and unique amongst many other vampire films.


Rufus isn’t sure what he is. Hunted, poked and prodded for the last two hundred years, he knows people are always pegging him as this or that. It’s all about what box you fit into. If there really are vampires, Rufus has never met one. Sure he has some quirks, but who doesn’t? Rufus doesn’t sleep, eat or drink. He doesn’t age or feel the passage of time. He’s a boy and will always remain so. So what if he likes the taste of blood? It’s not like he’s addicted. Rufus can take it or leave it – most of the time.


The film makers should feel very proud that they were able to really leave their mark on the genre. If you are a fan of vampire films, definitely check this one out. It’s quite refreshing, excuse the pun. 

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