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“Secrets and Lies” US and Australian TV Series Is A Must Watch

“Secrets and Lies” US and Australian TV Series Is A Must Watch

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This Suburban Crime Drama Will Leave You Gobsmacked! 


Now airing on ABC, Secrets and Lies is the American version of the Australian series of the same name that centers on a murder investigation in a small town. It stars Ryan Philippe, Juliette Lewis and  KaDee Strickland. Both series focuses on the murder of a 4-year-old boy named Tom, who is found in the woods by his neighbor, Ben Crawford, while out on a morning run. The crime thriller from Australia has already been likened to Broadchurch in that it is yet another suburban murder mystery centering on a young boy.


Ben becomes the primary suspect, but every week someone else in the neighborhood seems like they could have been the perpetrator. When the actual killer is revealed you will literally not be able to pick your jaw up off the floor! That is if the US version will keep the same murderer as the Aussie version. 


The Australian series was six episodes while the US version will consist of eight. The British and Australian models of shorter seasons is a trend that seems to be spreading, and I think it is a positive one. 

For the longest time, a twenty plus episode season was the norm, at least in North America. But now, these shorter seasons and miniseries type of shows seem to be making a rise. They make sense financially, and it also allows actors more opportunities along with giving impatient viewers something they don’t have to invest a lot of time in. Most importantly, the series can be a higher quality and be sharper. They are shot like small films and deal with dark, multilayered and challenging storytelling. 

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Secrets & Lies is one of those series.  No other broadcast network has attempted anything of this level just yet, with NBC’s The Slap a poor attempt. Creating a high quality short series like this allows the networks to compete with cable networks. It also allows them the opportunity to continue the series, even if in another form, if they prove to be successful.


I also recommend the British crime thriller The Fall.

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