Spiceraq allows friends and family to rent and enjoy dining space: Interview with co-founder Aaron Vennard

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SpiceRaQ is a new service that hopes to solve the dinner party space conundrum for big city dwellers. So often metropolis living comes with the compromise of a smaller apartment where the possibility of hosting friends for dinner is an impossible task. Thoughts of “Where will everyone sit?” and “My place is a mess” strike fear into the mind of any party planner. Restaurants should be the easy alternative, but the prospect of lounging after a meal in the company of friends is never really an option when the check arrives shortly after the last bite. And this is where SpiceRaQ comes in, providing both the space and time to enjoy a meal with friends.

How was Spiceraq born?

Having lived in New York for five years, I know that having space and time to relax and catch up with friends is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. New York can feel like a battle sometimes whether it be trying to get a drink at the bar or waiting in line for a restaurant reservation. Coupled with living in a studio apartment, I was never really going to have friends over for dinner. There just has to be a better way than this? And I think that SpiceRaQ provides a getaway from this by providing a platform to rent kitchen and dining space, to have dinner and drinks, and without any hassle. Add in the very real satisfaction of a home cooked meal and you’ve got a really great evening in store.

How does it work for a guest and host?

It’s a very familiar feeling to that of Airbnb and all those other “just like Airbnb” websites in that a Host can list their space with all the amenities and the spices they have in their spice rack(hence the name) along with price and time of availability. And a guest can browse our website searching for a space that suits them best based on price and size of party. It really couldn’t be easier.

What locations are covered through SpiceRaQ?

We have just launched in New York, with stops planned in LA, San Francisco, Chicago and Boston later in the year.

Why would someone list their space with SpiceRaQ?

SpiceRaQ allows hosts to make an additional income from renting out their space without some of the disruption that comes from other property rental websites. A host can list their space during a time when they ordinarily wouldn’t be there, such as staying late at work, sweating out a week’s stress at the gym or going to the cinema.With other websites, you may need to find another bed for the night, which isn’t always an option.

Do people have to pay you as well?

A service fee is applied to all bookings.

What if someone books your kitchen/dining room and they leave a mess?

Hosts can request a security deposit from all guests upon accepting a booking request. SpiceRaQ will hold the security deposit until after the event has taken place. This way there are actual repercussions for any guest that goes beyond their expected behavior. On top of this Hosts can also add an additional cleaning fee to cover any cleanliness concerns.

What assurity do home owners have in handing over a key to their home?

SpiceRaQ, like any other peer2peer rental website relies on the currency of trust and community. Each guest and host is required to complete a review after each booking, allowing users to build up a profile of trust. SpiceRaQ also understands that a new user starting out may not have any reviews, with a host reluctant to rent out their space to someone with no profile. With this in mind, SpiceRaQ allows users to link their profile to any other website were they do have a profile and history of good reviews.

To find out more and for booking information visit SpiceRaQ.com

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