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Interview with Breakaway Daily Technology Award Recipient Tech From Vets

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Featured on the Huffington Post.


Tech From Vets are a technology company owned and operated by veterans of the United States Military. They are focused on developing award-winning mobile applications for businesses of all sizes.  As a recipient of the Breakaway Daily Technology Award for their company and their Brentwood Golf Course App, Tech From Vets have been highlighted in the Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed, just to name a few.

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Breakaway Daily Technology Award Winner: Screen Media Group show the products that people can build

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Screen Media Group are an innovative digital signage company based in Miami, Florida and Caracas, Venezuela. The company has materialized amazing products such us interactive boards, advergames, digital signage solutions, menu boards and more.  They are avidly giving conferences about innovation,

and meeting with other great minds to see how they can push creations to the next level.

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Breakaway Daily Technology Award Recipient: The Not Old Better Show

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Breakaway Daily Awards recognize excellence in achievement, technology and philanthropy. 

Since the show’s launch in 2014, The Not Old Better Show has constantly pushed the boundaries with ease of access to technology. The multidimensional show is the first independent podcast to reach the 55+ age community and their families, delivering stories, tips, and resources with timely information through innovation.

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Interview with Taher Shah: The Breakaway Daily Achievement Award Recipient

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Breakaway Daily is proud to announce the 2014 award recipient for The Breakaway Daily Achievement Award to Pakistani internet sensation Taher Shah.  Shah’s achievements include; being top ranked in Google keyword searches for pop sensation singer, receiving three World Records, and a Gold Medal for his single “Eye to Eye.”


Shah is a success story in his country of Pakistan.

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Breakaway Daily Exclusive: Sophie Tweed-Simmons & Women’s Image Network Promote Self Confidence & Empowerment with “Seek Your Selfie”

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Youth, passion and fashion join the sixteenth WIN (Women’s Image Network) Awards ceremony to advance its mission: gender equality. Today this grass-roots charity remains the only charitable organization honoring men and women who promote dimensional film and television images to help girls and women live more self-expressed lives.

Actress, model, singer, fashion designer and philanthropist, Sophie Tweed-Simmons (Gene Simmons Family Jewels) created a unique video to promote self-confidence.

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