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Spin it: Elizabeth Anne Mall [EAM] “Belle Laide”album

in Arts

A classically trained musician, indie artist Elizabeth Anne Mall [EAM] grew up in Kansas and learned to play piano at twelve years old. Her latest album “Belle Laide” is taken from a French term used to describe unconventional beauty.

EAM says, “To me, it fits so well because this album was born from both beautiful and difficult personal experiences.”

Drawing from pop, classical, and electronic influences, “Belle Laide” creates a unique musical experience.

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Breakaway Daily Interview with Akua Allrich

in Lifestyle

BREAKAWAY DAILY: When did you first
realize that you wanted to pursue music professionally? 


It’s funny. I waited about seven or eight years after graduating with my
BFA to really consider singing professionally. The ban of smoking in clubs had
a lot to do with my decision. But, most importantly, I had started my family
with my hugely supportive husband, and he pushed me to pursue my passion as a
performing musician.

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Breakaway Daily Interview with Indie Label FHTMG

in Lifestyle

FHTMG (Forest Hills Tenleytown Music Group) is an independent record label based in Washington D.C. that features both local and international artists who have traveled globally throughout Europe, the

Caribbean Islands, and the Middle East. They are socially-orientated and aim to give back to their communities and the humanities. 


BREAKAWAY DAILY: What is the inspiration behind FHTMG?

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