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The Monster Within: “Hemlock Grove” TV Review

in Arts

Why you should be watching Netflix’s hour-long horror series Hemlock Grove that is bloody, weird, and awesome! 


Hemlock Grove is one of my favorite shows and it has been renewed for a third and final season! It is a supernatural show that has elements in it you might be sick of (vampires, werewolves) but it uses them beautifully for further character development, interesting storytelling, and metaphorically. 

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“Rufus” (2012) Film Review

in Lifestyle

Sink your teeth into this vampire film.


Rufus is the story of a lonely supernatural teenager who discovers what it means to be human. 

Written and directed by Dave Schultz, the movie is a character study of Rufus, played magnificently by English newcomer Rory J Saper. It focuses on the emotional side of living forever and only drinking blood and how how that lifestyle makes it difficult to establish normal relationships.

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