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Broadcast your imagination.


Every space has a story and Infused brings those stories to life! 

Infused is a hyperlocal broadcasting and publishing app you can use with your friends or the community around you by leaving music, art, video, or photos in physical locations. As users pass by these locations in real life, they’ll receive a push notification with your special message. Art and music is transformed from mere media into an experience by allowing users to see and explore where others were inspired. 

Use the application to leave hyperlocal messages for your friends and family. Want to make sure your sweetheart gets your message of cheer on their morning commute? No problem! Infused lets you send private messages only they can see. All of the messages sent with Infused are immediate, relative, and felt by their recipients. It’s the perfect opportunity share and discover inspiration in your city.

What will you infuse?

Be sure to check out to infuse hotspots from the computer.

Get the app from the Apple iStore

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