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Thailand Fashion: Wings by Hejselbjerg

Thailand Fashion: Wings by Hejselbjerg

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Working and living in Thailand, Danish designer Mette Hejselbjerg designs with a modern eye and taste for the tropics. Each of her collections are produced in Vietnam where she works with local craftsmen to translate her European tastes into a cool collection that is both earthy and urban.


This video is a behind the scenes look at various clothing lines brought forth by Mette Hejselbjerg, a women’s fashion designer in Phuket Thailand. Luxury shopping in Phuket has been extended by the clothing line Wings by Hejselbjerg. With everything from casual women’s clothing to all the essential accessories, it is a one stop delightful experience with an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming with hospitality from the moment you walk in the door. Check out the website for more info.

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