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“The Apartment: Celebrity Edition” TV Episode 1 – 10 Recaps

“The Apartment: Celebrity Edition” TV Episode 1 – 10 Recaps

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This season, The Apartment features an all celebrity cast of aspiring designers who have been plucked from the film stages of Hollywood, the recording studios of Hong Kong, the high fashion runways of Europe, and the set of Master Chef in the Philippines. Each has given-up a huge slice of their jet-set life for a chance to prove that they can saw, paint, hammer, and plant like a superstar in order to compete for a chance to win a 100,000.00 prize for a charity of their choice. Host and Mentor Jamie Durie, returning Judge Andrea Savage, and Head Judge Laurence Llewyln-Bowen are taking the show to its most glamorous setting ever, the sun-kissed beaches of beautiful Phuket, Thailand. 



Team Paula Taylor dominated the first challenge on StarWorld’snumber one design reality television show The Apartment Celebrity Edition last January 25th.

Dinosaurs and more: The team led by Paula Taylor (Actress/ VJ), with members JustinBratton (Host/ Actor) and Lucy Clarkson – Demeo (Model/ Singer), won the firstchallenge of the show, which was doing the complete interior design of themaster bedroom of their assigned villa by Castlewood Group in the beautifulshores of Phuket, Thailand. The theme for the week was “Sexy at the Beach.” Theteam’s interpretation got praises from all four judges. Andrea Savage, one ofthe show’s judges, noted the team’s eye for detail and the impressive designskill behind the platform bed. Bratton’s dinosaur accents gained attentionduring the design court with mixed reactions. It had head judge, LaurenceLlewelyn-Bowen, exclaiming how he loved the dinosaurs. The team won one hourmore than the other teams and was given the chance to choose from which team
they would get the extra hour from, which was taken from Xiao Wang’s team.

Name-dropping the competition: The judges faced a dilemma with Nicole Russo’s team who used Paula
Taylor’s name to gain concessions from suppliers free of charge. Llewelyn-Bowen
exclaimed how appalling it was to trade off over someone else’ celebrity. In
the episode, a lot of the competitors saw that Paula Taylor, having the home
court advantage, had a lot more discounts than the other teams. Regardless of
the offense, Nicole Russo was retained in the cast, which left her teammates
Patricia Knudsen (DJ/ TV Host) and Ryan Star (Singer) in the bottom two. After
a last chance plea, Knudsen was sent home.

Drama spoilers: The end of the episode teases for some more
drama in the show where Chef Rolando Laudico (Chef/ Host) gets into a heated
argument with his teammates Mary Christina Brown (Film Actress) and Rima Fakih
(Miss USA 2010). We also see Team Paula Taylor struggling with some trouble
sand problems with Justin Bratton. 



The four teams dwindled into three in just
the second episode of The Apartment: Celebrity Edition last February 1 on

collapse of Team Nicole: 
After Patricia Knudsen’s elimination in the
first episode, her team leader was distraught and thought that Ryan should’ve
been eliminated in the competition. The second episode opened with Ryan Star
waking up in their villa alone. The Apartment Host and Judge, Jamie Durie,
entered the room and shared that he had spoken to Russo earlier and told Star
that she had left the competition. Star was left with the decision to pick a
team to join that Durie advised should be aligned with his design vision or
aesthetics. He, then, joined and was welcomed in Team Xiao Wang.

broken house: 
Drama continued to ensue in Team Rima Fakih
with Fakih ending up getting into a heated argument with Chef Rolando Laudico
outside the villas. More to the group’s struggles, the workers hired by the
show who were there to assist the teams actually walked out on them.

in a name: 
Paula Taylor continued to gain unexpected
support from her fame when their team struck bad luck. The team’s sand supply
had run out and Taylor was able to use her fame to get more from a construction
site beside the villas. Taylor, along with teammate, Justin Bratton, ran to the
construction site to get wheelbarrows of sand.

it work: 
Despite being a new addition to the team,
Star was able to build rapport in Team Xiao Wang. The team was able to get it
together as a unit and finish ahead of time despite an hour’s worth of
disadvantage taken by Team Paula Taylor as the latter’s prize after winning the
first challenge. Team Rima Fakih was on the chopping board with Fakih and Mary
Christina Brown being up for elimination. Brown was set to go smash her star on
the floor when head judge, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, stopped her and decided
that no one was to be eliminated. Bowen reminded the team that they should
improve in the next challenge.


Keeping true to the theme of having a global
celebrity cast, the teams of The Apartment were asked to design the living room
of their villas with the theme East meets West for the third episode.

Good and bad neighbors: The episode began with Xiao Wang’s team
invited Rima Fakih’s team over for breakfast where they were to break the ice
and reduce the tension among the cast. Each cast member made fun of the
dynamics of each team, where Rima Fakih’s team was dubbed as the “dysfunctional
family next door.”

Feng shui: The teams were to be guided by the
principles of Feng Shui for the challenge. Another added challenge was
incorporating judge Laurence Llywelyn-Bowen’s designer wallpapers into their
design scheme. Despite the good breakfast, Team Xiao Wang and Team Rima Fakih
were in fierce competition as the latter’s team leader, Fakih, overheard that
someone from the other team said that they had stolen the idea of having a fish
tank in the room. To add to the stress of Fakih’s team, while doing their
furniture shopping, Mary Christina Brown broke one of the tables accidentally
which they had to purchase.

Underdog win: Despite having a rough start and dramatic
outbursts for the past episodes, Rima Fakih’s team rose to the occasion winning
the third challenge of the show. Paula Taylor and Xiao Wang were given the
choice to select a team member who would be subject for elimination. Taylor, in
tears, chose Lucy Clarkson-Demeo, while Ryan Star volunteered to be the choice
for his team confident that they were safe. In a surprise move by the judges,
despite having the bottom two already selected, they opted to send Cindy Gomez
home. Llewelyn-Bowen justified the choice by saying, “I don’t see what Cindy is
bringing to your team.” This was supported by host and judge, Jamie Durie in
the exit interview, “For her, her hard work is her way of bringing value into
the project, just not what we’re all looking for at the end of the game.”



The contestants were greeted with a
surprise as the judges pulled a Benjamin Button with each judge represented by
adorable kids. The children introduced the challenge for the fourth week, which
was to create a kid’s room in the villa, while keeping the space luxurious and
in line with design techniques they have learned so far.  Taste
of New York Ryan Star and Xiao Wang, being both from
New York, shared their creative insights to Bronson Pelletier to create an
urban rock star room. The team pursued building a stage, and made it a
musically inspired room, with Star drawing inspiration from his wife, who is an
expecting mom herself.  Getting
the house in order Rima Fakih’s team, relishing their victory
from the previous week, got together and found common ground on the design.
With Chef Rolando Laudico being a father himself, he drew inspiration from his
family. Taking advantage of their win, they recognised that Paula Taylor was
having conflict with Lucy Clarkson-Demeo and got Justin Bratton from the team
for an hour for their advantage. This momentary transfer led to more revelation
with Fakih’s team poking fun with team member, Mary Christina Brown, for having
a crush on Bratton.  A
house broken At the design court of the third episode,
Paula Taylor was faced with a tough decision to select one of her teammates in
front of the panel for elimination. She chose Lucy Clarkson – Demeo, while in
tears. This caused a rift between the once close and leading team. Taylor, in
the show, spoke up about how Demeo called her names behind her back, which the
latter vehemently denied. In the end, the team’s chaos proved fatal as the
judges eliminated Bratton from the competition.    



The fifth episode of The Apartment:
Celebrity Edition, which aired last February 22 on StarWorld, added another
twist with the judges taking a new approach by reshuffling the teams. The
judges expressed their disappointment with all the teams having unfinished
designs at the end of the episode. The challenge for the week was designing two
bathrooms; one was to be feminine and the other masculine.

With Justin Bratton’s departure on episode
5, Paula Taylor and Lucy Clarkson-Demeo were left with uneasy tension between
them. The episode features them on civil terms but their individual interviews
reveal that they are far from getting things patched up.

and conquer: 
Team Rima Fakih decided to divide and
conquer. Rima Fakih and Mary Christina Brown worked on the master bathroom with
a Marilyn Monroe theme, which was very old Hollywood and dressing type of
powder room. Chef Rolando Laudico worked on the gentleman’s lavatory, which
impressed the judges. Head judge, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen went, as far as to
say that Chef Laudico was one of the best weapons in the team’s armory.

leading team: 
Having the most impressive set of bathrooms
for this challenge despite being unfinished, Team Xiao Wang was declared the
winner of the week. As the winners, they were now divided and made the new team
leaders. Each of them had to select their teams. Ryan Star picked Paula Taylor
and Mary Christina Brown. Bronson Pelletier picked Lucy Clarkson-Demeo and was
assigned Rima Fakih. Xiao Wang picked Chef Rolando Laudico.


After a restart button was pushed in the
competition with new teams formed and new leaderships, each team quickly got
together and were driven to win the competition. Despite the harmonious
relationship built in Team Bronson Pelletier, he had to go home after Ryan Star
was given the choice on whether to eliminate Lucy Clarkson-Demeo or Pelletier
and Star chose the latter.

with the Colors of the World: 
For the sixth episode, the teams were
tasked to design a leisure room based on one of the team member’s interests who
will serve as the client and were assigned a color scheme from Dulux . Team
Bronson was given shades of blue for the Maldives featuring its relaxing waters.
Team Xiao Wang was given shades of yellow for the energizing Thailand with a
stay-cation theme. Team Ryan was given shades of brown to explore the wonders
of Africa. The judges felt that the execution of the painted walls were good
but the teams were advised that they should have used more of the deeper tones
of the color scheme given which would have made the feature walls more

and catfights continue: 
Each team worked amazingly well with the
episode showing that each team was in perfect sync and having a laugh. However,
the inter-team disputes rose with issues of Mary Christina Brown coming in from
her old team’s villa and, allegedly, using some of the furniture or design
elements to their new room. Xiao Wang also had an issue with Pelletier coming
back to their old villa and taking some of his old tools, where one of the
things he took was a roller brush that Wang was looking for. The catfights
escalated to another level at the design court with Demeo getting into a heated
clash with Brown. This got Demeo in the bottom two with Pelletier who took
responsibility for his team’s outcome. Head judge, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen,
left the decision to Star to choose who would go home. In a surprising move by
Star, he chose Pelletier despite being close friends in the competition. In the
exit interviews, Star said “This was the hardest moment in the competition…
sending my brother home.”



In a surprise twist in the design court, the show said goodbye to two celebrities, Chef Rolando Laudico and Mary Christina Brown, for the seventh episode of The Apartment: Celebrity Edition.

Getting over the wolf: For the week, they were all tasked to design the kitchen and dining room. Each team was assigned a particular theme from the DeLonghi appliances line. Fakih and Demeo were given the “Industrial” theme in the challenge. With Bronson Pelletier’s elimination in the sixth episode, Rima Fakih and Lucy Clarkson-Demeo are faced to handle the challenge on their own. Despite this handicap, they were given praises at the design court for their practical and chic execution of the design theme. Andrea Savage even exclaimed, “You took the whole industrial brief and did something really special with it. The whole thing was just fantastic.” Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen shared that beyond the whole panel of judges liking it, the CEO of Castlewood Group,Chris Comer, liked it as well. Comer was quoted saying, “Absolutely loved it. It’s a space I actually see myself staying.”

Some ideas are just too big: Xiao Wang and Laudico were assigned the “Futuristic” theme. The whole judging panel was disappointed with the output of the team. During the walkthrough, Comer said “If I was going to rent this out, I don’t know about the lawsuit I would get for stabbing someone in the eye,” while taking note of the sharp edges of the cupboards. Laudico defended the unfinished installation art saying that they wanted to get their ideas at least half executed. The consensus of the judges was that the team indeed followed the brief conceptually, but as Comer commented during the design court, the kitchen just did not work.

Irony and goodbyes: Ironically, Laudico, being a chef, was eliminated from the show after a kitchen and dining room challenge. Along with Laudico, the judges also decided to let go of Mary Christina Brown. Despite working really hard, the judges emphasised that the show is in fact a design competition and her inputs to the design element of the competition was not just visible.



The eighth episode of The Apartment:
Celebrity Edition gets the cast together to design a luxurious yacht for a
James Bond themed cocktail party at The Phuket Marina.

The Bond girls: Last episode’s shocking double elimination
of Chef Rolando Laudico and Mary Christina Brown brought Xiao Wang to be part
of Rima Fakih and Lucy Clarkson-Demeo’s team. They were assigned the Casino
Royale theme. The girls connected and bonded, especially after a heated
discourse between Wang and Ryan Star, when the latter had been heard saying
that he felt really bad for Wang being part of Fakih and Demeo’s team. Despite
the duo’s reputation of being feisty and loud on the show, Wang shared that her
experience with the girls was very harmonious.

Who is cheating? A hot topic for the episode was a rumor
spreading around that Star was sending photos of the room and sending it to an
alleged assistant. The rest of cast shared their opinion on their separate interviews
and all of them had observed that he was always on his mobile or iPad taking
photos and talking to someone, which led them all to the conclusion that the
rumours were true. At the design court, the judges found Star and Paula
Taylor’s design, interpreting their assigned theme of Goldfinger, as the
winners, where the other team had raised of the issue of cheating. Star
defended himself and explained that he sent the photos to a friend to get him
high-resolution images of the designs he saw online for printing. He further
commented that even if he had Laurence Llwelyn-Bowen helping him out, the fact
that they were in a high-pressure environment with a limited time, they were
all on their own. Judge, Andrea Savage, exclaimed after Star’s explanation, “At
the end of the day, all designers look to different things to get inspiration.
It is no crime to look at something and say ‘am I inspired by this?’”

The final four: Even before the judges had mentioned her
name, Demeo had mentioned, “Maybe I should go home,” after Taylor’s comment on
Wang’s designs. Demeo was so emotional when she was sent home sharing how she
had grown attached to the cast and the show. She went back to the villa in
style through a speedboat ride from the yacht, waving goodbye to her cast
members. At the end of the episode in her exit interview, despite being
disappointed with being sent home, she shared how was really proud of what she
had accomplished and that she had a blast in the competition.



The final four, Rima Fakih, Xiao Wang, Ryan Star and Paula Taylor, were brought to
the final and most difficult challenge in The Apartment’s history – renovating the
foster care compound of Life Home Project Foundation. The catch – only two were
going to lead the project and the other two will be eliminated before the project

The foster home: Founded in 2002, Life Home Project Foundation takes care of HIV-Positive children
and families from all over Phuket. Aside from housing, they offer educational
scholarships and daycare services to the community. Originally, the foundation was
a haven for HIV-infected women giving them hospice care and livelihood programs.
As the foundation grew, it expanded to help these families to have an opportunity to
live healthier lives by giving them access to anti-retroviral medications. 

The lightning challenge: To determine the final two competitors, each of the cast members was given a room
to design based on the kids who were going to share the room. Upon entering the
rooms, all cast members felt a wave of emotions, which even brought Fakih almost
out of breath and in tears. Fakih shares her experience living from one shelter to
another growing up and how the place reminded her of her brothers and sisters.
Moved by what they saw, the cast was more motivated to make the wishes of the
kids come true for their rooms. This is evident during their shopping trip when
Taylor and Star traded advice on shopping. With the judges’ walkthrough, all three
were impressed with the outcome of each room. Head judge, Laurence LlwelynBowen
even exclaimed, “You four are, without a shadow of a doubt, the elite of the
elites of every season of The Apartment.
The ninth episode ended with a cliffhanger in deciding which of the four were going
on to be the top two contestants of the show.



In the finale of The Apartment: Celebrity Edition, frontrunner Xiao Wang bagged the
competition winning the USD 100,000 for her charities – Locks of Love, Americans
for the Arts, World Wildlife Fund and Life Home Project Foundation. 

The road to the finals: New York – based jewelry designer, model and actress, Xiao Wang, along with 11
other celebrities from all over the globe came together for the fourth season of The
Apartment for the chance to win USD 100,000 for a charity of their choice. For the
first 7 episodes, the pool of celebrities had to design villas courtesy of the
Castlewood Group. The competition heated up with the cast members getting
booted out of the show one-by-one. The eighth episode was a yacht challenge where
the final four were selected. Along with Wang, Ryan Star, Rima Fakih and Paula
Taylor went on to the final challenge.

No goodbyes: The ninth episode left people hanging on who were the final two. The finale began
with the announcement of Wang and Fakih making it into the final two. They were
tasked to project management the renovation of the Life Home Project Foundation
facility, which included two dormitories, an art room, a library, a media room and a
garden, all within 64 hours. Despite being eliminated, Star and Taylor were asked
back to help out along with the volunteers from the Castlewood Group, Dulux, The
Apartment handymen, and The Apartment alums, Yvette King from Design Your
Destiny Edition and Clarissa Rae from Style Edition. In the final episode, you will
also see judges Jeremy Rowe, Jamie Durie and Andrea Savage, and founder of
Imagine Group, Riaz Mehta helping out the teams. 

The charities: At the end of the day, Wang emerged victorious with her impeccable and meticulous
designs that have amazed the judges week after week. She initially chose to split the
prize money among 3 charities – Locks of Love, Americans for the Arts and World
Wildlife Fund. After going through the final challenge, she decided to give a portion
of the prize with Life Home Project Foundation.


For more information visit the shows official website.

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