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The Biggest Question in Fear the Walking Dead

The Biggest Question in Fear the Walking Dead

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When Will Nick Change His Clothes?

[The investigation continues…]

I absolutely love AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. This show is not just a prequel to The Walking Dead or a show about zombies, but it is so much more than that. But what seriously made me scratch my head during last week’s third episode was how all the characters biggest concern in the episode was playing Monopoly, leaving doors open, listening to music, and basically doing nothing to prepare themselves for this epic zombie apocalypse! The Clark’s weren’t gathering supplies, packing, showering or changing out of their clothes….Cough, cough…Nick.

It is nice to know they still kept their priorities straight like making sure the dishes were washed, but no one was washing themselves! They couldn’t have been worried the water was conteminated because Madison was staying hydrated and drinking water (though maybe not from the tap or maybe she was drinking something a little stronger?)

I had the biggest issue with Nick who was wearing clothes that were not even his in the first place. If you remember from the pilot he stole them from an older man in the bed beside him in the hospital and then escaped.

If that isn’t enough he nearly got killed in them  and was vomiting in them in the last episode! Even though Nick may not live at home anymore, someone could have pointed out the obvious to him. Yes he is a drug addict, but he seemed to have no problem winning at Monopoly. 

Even the next morning when the household is evacuating Nick has them on! Must be some comfy!


…Maybe he is just a huge Breaking Bad fan.

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Usually the show is really detailed and tense. This episode’s biggest tension came with me wondering if Nick was going to change or keep looking like Johnny Depp in Benny & Joon (which I shouldn’t be complaining about.) 

Maybe it is an intentional ploy the show is using just so we can talk about it? Or maybe they wanted Nick to have a certain iconic look? I am beginning to think that theory may be correct because in this week’s episode Nick is at least having a swim in the dirty house pool, but then is shown with the same clothes again! Then as luck would have it he is wearing them when he gets abducted by the military to go to the “hospital.” Odds are he will be in these for a while.. 

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