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Two-Time Emmy Winning Web Series Venice Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

Two-Time Emmy Winning Web Series Venice Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

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LGBT themed Venice the Series has just launched their IndieGoGo campaign that is aiming to raise $125K for 13 episodes of their fifth and final season.

The campaign has already hit over $30K in funding that will be used towards pre-production, production and post production. In exchange for your support, the cast is looking to show you a good time! Dinner and a Broadway show, a relaxing golf game, a cool bike ride, beach party shenanigans, phone calls and so much more! 


Venice the Series centers on the life of Gina Brogno – a single, gay, successful interior designer, living, loving and working in Venice Beach, California. It tells a diverse story through her family, friends and professional life. Gina is a strong, confident, and complex woman who navigates her relations with people through an intense yet thoughtful prism. Venice follows her experiences with her Ex-Love Ani, brother Owen, father The Colonel and myriad other characters that make up Gina’s network of relationships. The story line offers the best of traditional soap romance, love stories, tragic happenings, and hairpin turns. But it is done in a new, savvy, and edgy format with unique character development, diversity of character, and tantalizing plot portrayal. 


The cast includes many famous faces from daytime soups including Crystal Chappell, Jessica Leccia, Nadia Bjorlin, Hillary B. Smith, Christian LeBlanc, Jordan Clark, Galen Gerring, Michael Sabatino, Tina Sloan, Judi Evans, Robert Newman, Shawn Christian, Dot Marie Jones, Harrison White, Wes Ramsey, Elizabeth Scott and Aaron Hartzler.  They are from shows including Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light, One Life to Live, Another World, The Young and The Restless, The Bold and The Beautiful,  CSI: Miami and many more!


The series was born out of Crystal Chappell’s popular character, Olivia Spencer, on the longest running daytime series in US history, Guiding Light. Olivia was a heterosexual businesswomen and mother who realized love is not confined to traditional paths. Chappell and co-star Jessica Leccia sparked passionate fan and media attention when their storyline, nicknamed “Otalia,” became one of the United States “it” romances. Chappell was overwhelmed by letters and emails from people around the world reaching out to share their own stories and journeys. “The fans are what inspired this concept. There have been such great people who have come into my life because of this experience. The fans have shared their stories with me honestly and openly. I want to keep telling their story. That is why we are doing this. That is why this is so important.”

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In 2009, Crystal Chappell set out to define a new model for original online content. She founded Open Book Productions with the goal of using motion picture production techniques, Emmy winning talent and state of the art technology to develop unconventional storylines, compelling messages and creative freedom that is often lacking in traditional television formats. Crystal accomplished this with Venice the Series winning the 2011 Emmy for Outstanding Special Class Format Daytime and the 2014 Outstanding Drama Series New Approaches. 

Visit the IndieGoGo campaign to learn about all the cool perks lending your support will get you!

For more information on the series you can also visit

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