Breakaway Daily is a global media company that has worked aggressively to become a power player in the digital media field. Covering arts, technology and lifestyle topics on a variety of platforms, our publication has tied a range of partnerships across the globe, making it an exciting destination for its rapidly expanding demographic. Fostering conversations about independence, love, activism, love, equality, diversity and freedom is at the core of what we do and we aspire to expand your worldview and thinking. Considered one of the most widely respected media outlets, we are known for our creative presence and deep media penetration of our leading edge culture communications.  Through our platform and social media following we are reaching over 1 million people every day – and that number keeps on rising.

Breakaway Daily aims to help others find their own unique voice and reach new heights. We inform, entertain, and inspire through our unique blend of original multi-platform content and thought-provoking articles. The company reaches millions with it’s hard hitting brand of online journalism that connects with an audience interested in more than just the trend; but the deeper meaning. Our catalogue of information features selected international, independent, unknown, unsigned, underrated, unexpected and must-know recommendations. We pride ourself on covering a vast array of subjects across arts, lifestyle and technology. Breakaway Daily believes that information has the power to shape the world.

Making Headlines

Breakaway Daily has been featured in thousands of different media outlets including online websites, radio stations, newspapers and magazines. Notable press has included the following. Click for each feature or list of features.

Media Partner

We are a proud media partner with The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival. Taking place every year since 2015 in Los Angeles, the fest is dedicated to honoring female-driven action films. CarrieFisher, Rosie O’Donnell, Patricia Arquette, and Paul Feig are among its high-profile supporters.

Artemis Motion Pictures celebrates the first film festival dedicated to honoring female action, empowerment and powerful women taking action on the silver screen. From female action heroes to female activists, Artemis shines a spotlight on females in narrative and documentary films who are fearless, fierce, and revolutionary. Every year Artemis honors kick-ass honorees and trailblazers. Past award winners have included Melissa McCarthy, Tom Cruise and Yancy butler, Jessie Graff, Linda Hamilton and Cynthia Rothrock.

“Our film festival seeks to redefine the image of women, not just on screen, but in culture as well,” emphasized festival Founder Melanie Wise. “Our official hashtag is #WomenKickAss and we try to convey that sensibility in everything that we do.”


Exclusive coverage of Prince’s celebration at his Paisley Park complex

Fans, friends and family marked the first anniversary of Prince’s passing with an epic four-day celebration at Prince’s Paisley Park in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Two thousand Prince fans from around the world gathered April 20th to 23rd to enjoyed live performances, panel discussions, exclusive concert screenings and guided tours during Celebration 2017. The historic event held at Prince’s private estate, production compound and recording sanctuary outside Minneapolis highlighted his tremendous talent, influence, and importance as a composer, musician, producer, live performer, and filmmaker.

Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Breakaway Daily was created by JB Livingston. Her passion for the arts matched with her expertise in journalism led her to establish Breakaway Daily in 2012.

Her journey with Breakaway Daily began with creating Breakaway Radio, an online commercial free streaming music station that revolutionized the way people listened to music. With a fan base that spread the globe, it focused on playing and interviewing international, indie and unsigned artists. Like Breakaway Daily, it aided in the promotion and exposure of artists, helping to bring in more fans that might not have international distribution. Soon after she expanded to cover many topics in editorial form, and Breakaway Daily was born!

JB’s educational background includes holding degrees in Sociology, Information and Communication Studies. Her love of film led her to attended the Steven Bernstein Film Academy.

Her vast experience and working knowledge of promoting arts, lifestyle and technology has earned her invaluable professional relationships making her a leader in her field.

The world is our office! JB has built a rock-star team of international writers, columnists, reporters, producers and designers. With our headquarters in Atlantic Canada, we cater to an global audience, striving to create exceptional content both at home and abroad.


Breakaway Daily takes you behind the scenes through our up close and personal conversations. We have been honored to speak with people from all over the world including artists, dancers, app developers, entrepreneurs, designers, actors, directors, musicians, authors, entrepreneurs, activists, humanitarians, photographers and more. Notable interviews have included Prince’s personal photographer’s Afshin Shahidi and Steve Parke, contemporary artist John Nieto, authors Rich Marcello and Ben Greenman, film director Ron Maxwell, singer/dancer Blake McGrath, singer Elise Estrada, Dumb & Dumber 2 actor Steve Tom, Witchblade’s Yancy Butler.

Interview with Jacqueline Towell and Sharon Legge Pen, authors of Greek mythology inspired The Convergence Series

The Convergence Series: Deliverance (BookBaby, 2017) presents itself as a tale of self discovery and survival, revolving around the themes of identity, choice, courage, family, love, and war. The young adult novel series combine elements of romance, fantasy, science fiction, magic, and adventure. The title of the series refers to an event, known as the “Convergence,” which is […] More

Interview with H Allenger, author of Polyxena: A Story of Troy

On the eve of her execution, Polyxena, youngest daughter of King Prim of Troy, seeks to understand how she arrived at this point by relating her thoughts to Aphrodite, the Goddess she holds responsible for having orchestrated her fate, hoping that through knowing this she will find the solace to overcome her fear of death. […] More

Disability is not inability: Dorsey Ross uses his life story to inspire others

Dorsey Ross is accomplished evangelical minister and public speaker who has had to overcome many obstacles due to being born with the genetic disorder Apert Syndrome. Despite undergoing many surgeries and people assuming throughout his life that he could not succeed, Ross has beat the odds and followed his passion. In his first book, Overcomer: […] More

Dancers Luka & Jenalyn bring Lukas Graham’s “Love Someone” to life in Toronto

Lukas Graham takes listeners on emotional journeys through song. Luka & Jenalyn seek to do the same thing through the medium of dance. When they come together it makes a perfect pairing, showcasing the beauty of love that persists through all of life’s struggles. Luka & Jenalyn are a Canadian dance duo that bring songs […] More

Julia Daviy is bringing fashion into the future with 3D printed clothing

Julia Daviy is a fashion designer with a high-tech twist. She creates 3D-printed clothing that is both fashionable and functional, with an eye towards sustainability and ethical production. With patterns from lace to leather, Daviy creates clothing that is cruelty-free, recyclable, and classically chic. This revolution will re-empower women around the world, and begin to […] More

Interview with singer and author Melissa Pettignano on faith and moving forward

Faith has been the common thread running through Melissa Pettignano’s life. Through the good times and the bad alike, her faith has been there to support her and remind her that there will always be light and love. She brings that message to people through her music, humanitarian work and writing. In her award winning book, Suzanne Lantana: […] More

Dolan Twins direct Cub Sport’s new music video: Nu Dae Productions & The Epoch Advisory Exclusive Interview

Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan, collectively known as The Dolan Twins, are an American comedy due and two of YouTube’s biggest stars with over six million subscribers on the platform since 2014. Now they are sitting in the director’s chair (or rather wearing their director t-shirts) making their directorial debut for an undisclosed song from […] More

Luka & Jenalyn collaborate with World of Dance friends Laurent Bourgeois (Les Twins) & Aidan Carberry

Blackpool Dance Festival was the place for Canadian duo Luka & Jenalyn to compete against the biggest names in the world in ballroom dance. After nearly one hundred years, it is still the most prestigious and longest-running ballroom dance competition in the world. The historic Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens Theatre in Blackpool, England on […] More

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