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Breakaway Daily interview: urban artist Daved Kiiing sheds light on the New World Order 

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Daved Kiiing’s new single New World Order (Visionz) is a conscious type of political foreshadowing of our world and what things may be soon to come.  The song is crafted to sound like a conversation. Kiiing did this as a way of sparking the audience’s thought process; a way to get people to think, and visualize the word play and lyrics in the song.

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Breakaway Daily Interview with Indie Label FHTMG

in Lifestyle

FHTMG (Forest Hills Tenleytown Music Group) is an independent record label based in Washington D.C. that features both local and international artists who have traveled globally throughout Europe, the

Caribbean Islands, and the Middle East. They are socially-orientated and aim to give back to their communities and the humanities. 


BREAKAWAY DAILY: What is the inspiration behind FHTMG?

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Breakaway Daily Interview with American Monster Guild

in Lifestyle

American Monster Guild (AMG) is a music management company founded in 2010 by Devon
Brabham. It grew out of a basic need for a management company created for artist
development, bookings, and a talent agency for upcoming artists and premier musical
expression. Since its origination, AMG has expanded to such midwestern
locations as Chicago, Texas, Detroit, Mississippi and the newest expansion is
in South Africa.

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Breakaway Daily Interview with Dino, CEO of Mysterious Entertainment

in Lifestyle

Dino is a multidimensional rapper that is skilled in writing, artist development, mixing, engineering and mastering. He is also founder of the major independent record label “Mysterious Entertainment.” Combining his years of military and music making experience he has created a new standard for independent artists.  Being the great-nephew of the famous Blues singer Fats Domino, Dino has been around music his entire life; so it is no coincidence that he found his way to the music industry.  

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