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Social media isn’t very social anymore and Hitcher is going to change that. 

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Talk to most young people about social media and they’ll tell you it isn’t very social anymore. Pew research shows that 90% of Millennials (approx 72M) use Facebook and an American Press Institute study shows that half of those people are using privacy controls to hide their posts and content.

A new social platform hopes to change all of that: Hitcher.

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InnerGroup is a free app that enables end-to-end encrypted text, video, picture messenger with full sender control

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InnerGroup is a safe new way to share data with friends, family members, classmates, significant others, and colleagues. The data is encrypted when you send it all the way to the people you choose to put in your group. InnerGroup does not have a server saving your posts, so once the posts are delivered to the person or people in your group, the posts will be removed and only live on the devices that where part of the group.

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