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Breakaway Daily interview: urban artist Daved Kiiing sheds light on the New World Order 

Daved Kiiing’s new single New World Order (Visionz) is a conscious type of political foreshadowing of our world and what things may be soon to come.  The song is crafted to sound like a...

Breakaway Daily Interview with Indie Label FHTMG

FHTMG (Forest Hills Tenleytown Music Group) is an independent record label based in Washington D.C. that features both local and international artists who have traveled globally throughout Europe, the Caribbean Islands, and the Middle East....

Breakaway Daily Interview with American Monster Guild

American Monster Guild (AMG) is a music management company founded in 2010 by Devon Brabham. It grew out of a basic need for a management company created for artist development, bookings, and a talent agency for...

Breakaway Daily Interview with Dino, CEO of Mysterious Entertainment

Dino is a multidimensional rapper that is skilled in writing, artist development, mixing, engineering and mastering. He is also founder of the major independent record label “Mysterious Entertainment.” Combining his years of military and music making...

Breakaway Daily Q & A with Hip Hop Duo Money Mark Bo and Jabo

Money Mark Bo, born in Kansas and currently residing in Florida has been rapping for fourteen years, having started in high school at fifteen as a hobby. Upon entering high school he met and teamed up with T1, who also rapped and...

Christian Rap: Aydrien’ Banks New Name, New Music & New Message.

Gospel music and peace related messages are often the resolution of many artists who began their career in other genres. This is often coming from a change of lifestyle, perception and new rejuvenation to...

Breakaway Daily Interview with Rap/Hip Hop Artist KJ Da Youngstar

Juggling University and a budding rap career is just a normal day in the life of KJ Da Youngstar.  You are currently attending Sam Houston State University, where your EP single “House Party”...
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