Koshi Jah’s “Tha Love” conveys a pertinent message about unconditional love with debut single

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Kosi Jah is a singer/songwriter from Prosper, Texas who finds “Tha Love” in her insightful debut single. The smooth, R&B track is full of lyrical substance. It addresses how people often get confused about love, and how material love can overtake the true love that has to be shown towards other people.

Her passion for music began at the age of eight, when she used to rehearse Michael Jackson’s “Dapper Dan” and Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love” with her dad in the kitchen. With Kosi Jah meaning child of a king and goddess, you already know what to expect, nothing but majestic sounds! She has an amazing vocal range, from high soprano to low alto.

She released her debut song through the platform Younk, a music community label aiding promising musicians in producing major-league tracks and music videos. Through their help she was able to get professional production of her song “Tha Love” and a music video in no time.  

“The inspiration for the song came from my own personal experiences with people who only cared about making money, having stuff and bragging. I just wondered, what happened to LOVE? Where did it go? And if it is still around, who is experiencing it?” 

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