Breakaway Daily Interview with British Actor Hainsley Lloyd Bennett


Hainsley Lloyd Bennett has enjoyed success as a model as well as actor in film, theatre, music videos, television, and virals. He has been in commercials for corporations such as McDonalds, The Times, Rubicon, Burger King and Boots. Hainsley has made television appearances in the longstanding British drama Casualty as well as Papuan kidnapper Yudas
in the true story documentary My Holiday Hostage Hell and starred in the
BBC series Crimewatch. Hainsley’s first feature film was London
where he played alongside Colin Farrell, Ray Winstone, Keira
Knightley and Ben Chaplin.

Stories Through Music: Breakaway Daily Interview with “Harmony of Kestra” Soundtrack Composer Zaalen Tallis


Self taught composer Zaalen Tallis was born into a very creative and musical family from Perth, Western Australia and has been composing music since he was the age of twelve. He played the trombone and studied classical and jazz music for a very brief time in his early teen years however he left studying music to just focus on creating music. Since then he has composed music for projects in Australia, America and China and has been nominated four times for Best Original Music Award at the West Australian Screen Awards and in 2004 he received the Western Australian Swan District Education Award for Excellence In Music.  

Interview with Turkish Actress Gizem Sensel


BREAKAWAY DAILY: You have been acting since the age of six, how did you catch the acting bug?

GIZEM: I can say that I was really curious about everything back then, especially when it came to the entertainment business, I was really confident and happy mostly in singing and acting. They always felt like home. I was the “funny but weird” one in the class. I wasn’t popular or anything in fact, I was a really quiet student.  I first discovered that our school had an acting course by my best friend.

Breakaway Daily Interview with Artist Eleri

Eleri embraces contrast on her gorgeously lush full-length debut, Love Cyanidation where she delivers a plaintive tale of unrequited love. She remains entrenched in the classical training she received in her youth while also forging into the electronic expanse mined by mavericks such as Imogen Heap, Nine Inch Nails, Björk, and deadmau5. As a result, the Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer conjures up a seductive sound that is unequivocally her own.


Growing up in a small town just north of Chicago, Eleri immersed herself in music, taking guitar, voice, and piano lessons and frequenting Berklee College of Music summer programs.

Tokio Hotel Are Back to Claim Their Thrown with “Kings of Suburbia” Album


It is the band’s first album in nearly five years and with Kings of Suburbia the guys from Magdeburg, Germany are back to claim their rightful thrown at the top of the charts.

I have been a fan of Tokio Hotel since 2008, and even started a fan radio called 483 Radio. It was around this time that Bill, Tom, George, and Gustav were the biggest band in Europe and preparing to take North America by storm. There was something so fresh, different and magnetic about them, and even today that is what separates them from everyone else in the music business.

Cleo Tellier about Her Short Film About Child Abuse “The Silence”

Cleo Tellier is a French-Canadian actress known for the role of Émilie in the 15 season TV show Virginie and also the role of Flora in the Emmy-nominated show, 30 Vies. She can also be seen in Degrassi as Rheanne and in various TV shows and national commercials. Her latest project puts Cleo behind the lens as she puts a spotlight on child abuse in her short film “The Silence.”


Synopsis: Ann, Leslie, Isabelle and Jerome used to be four out of the two millions children in foster care in the world.

Breakaway Daily Interview with ‘The Angry Viking,’ actor Eric Erickson

I am thrilled to be able to talk with this direct descendant of the Yngling Viking Dynasty Eric Erickson, who has literally transformed himself into an action star.


Eric is a writer, artist and classically trained actor (USC School of Theatre). He has appeared in roles ranging from musical theatre (Conrad Birdie), Shakespeare (Hamlet, Mercutio), television, and film. He has also appeared in commercials for Toshiba, Intell and Novell. Eric gained the name “The Angry Viking” while performing stand-up comedy in Los Angels and the name stuck. 

Breakaway Daily Interviews Mathew C. Martino


A man of many talents, Mathew C. Martino is a Zimbabwe-born English actor, best selling author, film producer, pilot, and entrepreneur who currently lives in London. He takes some time away from his busy schedule to talk to me about his passion for flying, his favorite part about being a film producer, and his plans for the future.

You juggle a lot of projects. You are a pilot, author, film producer, actor and are also getting into music. What is a typical day like for you?

Breakaway Daily Interview with Pianist Sky Ladd


Sky Ladd has all the fixings of what makes a great performer; a superstar name, drive and raw talent. Sky Ladd (and that is his real name by the way) lives in San Diego and has traveled all over the world as a pianist, including Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, and the Middle East. Sky has a B.A. in Classical Performance, was the winner of the Humboldt Concerto/Aria Competition and the recipient of the 1995 Bach competition. When Sky Ladd is not sharing the stage with the likes Jason Mraz, he can be found in the classroom as a music teacher and performing all over southern California delighting audiences with his artistry.