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Interview with author of The War Stories Chronicles: Addictarium Nicole D’Settēmi on overcoming addiction & mental illness

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The War Stories Chronicles is a compilation of memoirs, journals, poetry books and other creative pieces that share my story of over-coming addiction and mental illness.

Visionary Award Winner, Nicole D’Settemi is a bestselling Amazon author who resides in Hudson Valley, New York with her long-time partner and fellow artist, Miguel.

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A Private View: Exclusive Interview with Prince’s Personal Photographer Afshin Shahidi

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Prince: A Private View takes you behind the lens on an intimate trip through the extraordinary life of the legendary musician through never-before-seen photos and personal recollections.

Iranian born photographer and filmmaker Afshin Shahidi first met Prince in 1993. After working as his cinematographer on numerous video projects he was invited to document his 2002 One Night Alone Tour, and would become Prince’s personal photographer for a decade.

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To Live Is To Die First is a deep and philosophical book by author Eli Darzi about life’s questions

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To Live Is To Die First looks at how our thoughts are projected in our heads like a movie, creating our fictional reality.

“If I tell you that we’re dead now, no less than ever, you probably will not accept that. True, if you ask me if I’m alive, I will say without any hesitation, “yes!” However, this is only because we, humankind, created such a reality in which; if I’m breathing and my heart beats, I am considered alive, but this conclusion comes from the assumption that I’m a thinking person who has knowledge about the body, life, and death.” – To Live Is To Die First


“Through hundreds of thousand years, man has moved in one way and in one direction in the search for meaning, happiness, security, love and freedom, but all he found was suffering,” Eli Darzi tells Breakaway Daily.

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The Beauty of the Fall is an idea-driven novel examining the growth & development of ideas as life churns

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Newly-released by Langdon Street Press, Rich Marcello’s new novel will take you take you on a life-changing and spiritual journey.

The Beauty of the Fall tackles emotionally transformative topics, explores father-son relationships, and working through grief. This mulitlayered novel explores social issues such as climate change, domestic violence, equality for women, and examines the internal struggle of corporate and political America against the people.

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Breakaway Daily Interview & Review: Mustafa Ozalcin’s debut fiction novel, “When The World Becomes Braille,” looks at the signs around us

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One Night in the 90’s is the first book from the trilogy series When the World Becomes Braille by Mustafa

Ozalcin. The story is told first person from the perspective of the character Chris, through what he describes as a diary.

During a London weekend

we see Chris and his lifelong friends meander through relationships, drugs and violence.

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Breakaway Daily interview with bestselling author J.J. Hebert about his self-publishing book company & his love for Harry Potter

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J.J. Hebert first made a splash on the literary
scene back in 2009 with the launch of his debut novel, Unconventional, an
inspirational book that quickly landed on Amazon bestseller lists and, over
time, sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. The success of his novel allowed him
to expand MindStir Media (the
company he initially started to publish Unconventional)
and to start taking on author clients to help them replicate his success.

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